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During the event you will participate in three of the roundtable topics below. Please indicate your topics of interest in order of preference. In the event that there are no spaces on a preferred table we will allocate an alternative choice, therefore please select your top five. We will email you your confirmed agenda one week prior to the event.

Description of each of the roundtables can be reviewed below.

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Data & Creative

During this roundtable discussion, we will explore how data and creative can work together to drive superior results.

Partner and Technology Selection

With a continuously fragmenting media landscape, consumers expecting personalised and contextualised cross-channel communications, increased ad blocking and 73% of consumers saying ad interruptions do not meet their personal interest, it’s challenging for brands to connect and engage with consumers. Join the Partner and Technology Selection table to discuss the new imperative for brands to enable continuously adaptable communications at scale across the path to purchase and the implications on current structures, technology ecosystems and approaches to new technology platforms.

When AdTech & MarTech Converge

Ownership of MarTech has long sat on the brand side and attracted significant investment of time and budget. AdTech was more likely to be outsourced to agencies – however this silo’d approach is beginning to change. Leading brands are realising the enormous opportunity of having marketing insights inform advertising (and vice versa), gaining a single view of the entire customer journey and providing a truly integrated experience across all owned, earned and paid channels. Join this roundtable discussion and get ahead of this curve, the session will provide a unique lens on the topic, reflective of media agency background and client-side experience.

Transparency, Viewability & Measurement

While there are a cacophony of voices from all sides touting that there needs to be more “transparency” in market with no-one really disagreeing with this point, this session will aim to review what changes are happening in the programmatic media space and what impact that is having on businesses. What reporting and metrics are helping to improve marketing outcomes?


For some time now, many different technologies across the digital ecosystem have promised marketers the ability to show the “true” value of their media spend on the different ad touch points through to a sales conversion. Despite this, attribution modelling in Australia remains largely underutilised and seemingly shrouded in challenges and complexity. In this roundtable, we will discuss these challenges, how it can be simplified and what the opportunities are for brands in a more connected, digital world.

Building The Business Case For Programmatic

Programmatic adoption in Australia has crossed the threshold from early adopters to become the mainstream mechanism for buying and selling media. Join this roundtable discussion, with countless examples of success published in the trade press, it’s never been easier to make the business case for leveraging programmatic within your organization.

Programmatic Beyond Screens

The conversation has shifted from first and second screens – all screen trading is here! In this roundtable session, we will open the discussion around how brands, agencies and publishers are navigating this challenging topic in order to drive efficiency in audience reach and media spend.

Publisher & Agency Collaboration

Join us on the Publisher & Agency Collaboration table to discuss topics including data sharing and audience matching, header bidding, content partnerships and non-media integrations, industry education, multi-channel attribution, moving from cookies to IDs, direct-to-client relationships, transparency through the supply chain and ultimately how all parties can build deep, long-lasting partnerships to create long-term business value.

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