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First Price Auctions vs Second Price Auctions – Where Would You Invest YOUR Money?

It’s back! By popular demand, the Programmatic Debate returns on July 24th at the Programmatic Forum. Our two debating teams will battle it out to convince you of the merits of First Price vs Second Price Auctions. Which is better for advertisers and the industry? No PowerPoint slides allowed, it’s just the time honoured art of debating and persuasion. The live audience will be polled before and after the debate to determine who made the most compelling argument. The real winner, of course, is the industry, which will hear in-depth arguments for both sides of the conversation. Join us for what promises to be another hotly contested debate!


Team First Price Auctions:

John Harvey Faurholt, Sr. Partner Channel Manager – APAC, Microsoft

Jordan King, Head of Audience and Automation, Nine Entertainment Co

Team Second Price Auctions:

Sarah Melrose, Performance Director, Ikon

Dr. Zainab Khosrowtaj, Performance Media Director, Bohemia Group

The Adjudicator: Timothy Whitfield