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Programmatic Shifts from Workflow Efficiency to Precision Targeting

Programmatic advertising exploded as a result of the demand for a more efficient media sales process–one that was once manual, time consuming, and costly. And it’s certainly worked: Almost 70% of US advertisers agree that a top benefit of programmatic ad buying is lower ad rates.

But how will advertisers continue to increase the value of their ad spend when the gains from workflow efficiencies hit a ceiling? The answer is in increasing investment in known vs. unknown audiences. Call it improved targeting precision, or targeting efficiency.

This session will address why programmatic is moving from a focus on executing advertising for the lowest amount of money, to a focus on finding the best possible target through addressable media solutions. Attendees will learn:

  • How APAC advertisers are approaching addressable advertising and increasing their investment in people-based targeting, according to just-released survey results by Econsultancy.
  • How disruptive technology is helping advertisers shift away from cookie-based tactics that don’t work in all channels, and toward a people-based approach that identifies customers across devices and channels
  • How programmatic can not only create workflow efficiencies, but can fuel better customer experiences, precise targeting, and, ultimately, greater ROI and decreased wasted spend.


Michael Twomey, Head of Digital Media & Entrepreneurship, Coles
Warren Billington, Managing Director, Signal