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Programmatic 2.0: flybuys Takes Advertising Beyond Efficiency

Programmatic advertising exploded as a result of the demand for a more efficient media sales process–one that was once manual, time-consuming, and costly. But how will advertisers continue to increase the value of their ad spend when the gains from workflow efficiencies hit a ceiling?

The answer to this question is increasingly urgent to address as customers across the globe demand more relevant advertising experiences. If they don’t get them, customers simply won’t return: 82% of consumers worldwide have stopped engaging with a company following a bad experience. Perhaps, then, it’s not surprising that customer loyalty is on the decline across the globe.

The solution to delivering improved experiences – and increasing customer loyalty – is in using customer data to resolve identity across human, physical, and digital channels, and leveraging that identity to target known, people-based audiences; making it a better shopping experience for customers.

This session will discuss how advertising is evolving beyond cost savings from process efficiencies to a focus on finding the most relevant customers and reaching them at exactly the right moment through people-based audience solutions. Attendees will learn from real world campaigns that Coles flybuys and Signal have executed.


Adam Story, ‎General Manager, Flybuys, Loyalty and CRM, Coles
Michael Twomey, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of People-Based Marketing, Signal