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Programmatic Summit 2018 highlight reel

Take 38 seconds to view some highlights from the upcoming Programmatic Summit

Keynotes from Programmatic Summit 2017

Below are handful of keynote presentations from the Programmatic Summit 2017 – Enjoy!

International Keynote: Intel’s In-House Programmatic Quest, Julie Keshmiry, Intel 

Intel’s quest to bring programmatic in-house, Juie Keshmiry explains it all… You’ll hear why Intel made the decision, how they vetted and built a sophisticated technology stack and the vision moving forward, including navigating all the obstacles and temptations along the way.

Keynote Presentation: Building A Better Marketplace, Dylan McBride, Director, AppNexus

Dylan McBride, Director, AppNexus covers a variety of topics such as the evolution of programmatic advertising, citing the good, the bad and the ugly practices.

International Keynote Presentation: Can Programmatic Be Used to Launch a Product?, Beth Reilly, Head of Global Media and Consumer Engagement, Motorola

Brands are using programmatic advertising to drive entire campaigns and product launches. Beth Reilly, Head of Global Media and Consumer Engagement at Motorola explains how Motorola in the US launched the Moto Z with a plan that was 50% programmatic.




Keynote Presentation: Advertising in an AI First World, Rhys Williams, Head of Media Technology Solutions, DoubleClick AU/NZ

Rhys Williams, Head of Media Technology Solutions at DoubleClick will share what is driving the advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning looking at how the gains in computing power and data are combining with a new kind of consumer expectation.