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Life in a cookie-less world banner

Life in a cookie-less world

In light of Google’s two-year countdown to Chrome’s blocking of third-party cookies, never have such words rung truer. Marketers and publishers stand clutching their attribution models, staring with mawkish eyes at the interests, behaviours and motivations of their consumers—data gleaned from the heyday of the open internet, cookies and UTMs—wondering how they’ll capture such rich data in a cookie-less world. Read the full story here.

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All things programmatic, ad tech & digital with Tae Kyu(TeQ) Kim, Senior Regional Director – Xandr

With global experience over a fifteen-year span including a twelve-year tenure at Microsoft, Tae Kyu (TeQ) Kim’s command of programmatic sales and deep understanding of ad exchange & audience-based selling is unparalleled. Today, the Senior Regional Director at Xander, TeQ leads his team through emerging video tech and the burgeoning OTT channel. Read the full story here.

The top 7 reasons - Melbourne

7 reasons to attend Melbourne’s 1st Programmatic Summit this March

When it comes to digital advertising, there’s no conversation hotter than the future of ad tech through a programmatic lens. With so much to keep up with, there are many reasons to attend the Melbourne Programmatic Summit. Here are the top seven

Top 11 Programmatic Trends

Top 11 Programmatic Predictions 2020

From Woolworths, IAG and Koala to Mindshare, Finecast, PwC, IAB, Amobee, IAS and Xandr, we asked senior adland professionals who are speaking at the Programmatic Summit, as well as members of the Programmatic Summit Advisory Board, to share what they think will make waves next year. Read the Top 11 Programmatic Predictions 2020 here.

All things programmatic, ad tech & digital with Jennifer Snell, Head of Digital Marketing, Finder

A creative, customer-centric digital guru with experience in telco, not-for-profit and fintech, Jennifer Snell has worked through myriad changes in the digital sphere, and she looks forward to what lies ahead. We caught up to ask her a few questions in the lead up to her participation at the Programmatic Summits 2020, Melbourne & Sydney.
Read the full story here.

All things programmatic, ad tech & digital with Ben Shepherd, CHE Proximity

With the expansion of privacy rights and the reasonable use of data under the international microscope, the GDPR will demand compliance from businesses who will need to ensure all data is gathered legally and in the best interest of data owners.“This will impact every marketer and how they interact with customers and potential customers”. Ben Shepherd’s presence at the 2020 Programmatic Summit prompted us to have a chat about programmatic, data and new privacy legislation.
Read the full story here.

Dominic Powers

All things programmatic, ad tech & digital with Dominic Powers, CEO, CtrlShift

In a world of digital marketing, tech-based advertising and data-led innovation, Dominic Powers is a stalwart figure with international experience. Investor, mentor, advisor, lecturer and founder are just some of the titles comprising his quarter century of expertise in the field, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down.Read the full story here.

Kevin Delie

All things programmatic, ad tech & digital with Kevin Delie, Head of Sales, APAC, TripleLift

As Head of Sales, APAC at the largest native advertising platform on the planet, Kevin is a natural leader, project manager, public speaker and sales professional. We are honoured to welcome Kevin as a keynote speaker at the Melbourne & Sydney’s Programmatic Summits. We caught up with Kevin to get his take on the state of native, new tech developments, and all things programmatic.
Read the full story here.

Dan Robins

All things programmatic, ad tech & digital with Dan Robins

A digital marketing, data and technology specialist with a continuous history of high achievement in the UK, Australia and across the APAC region, Dan Robins works with some of the largest blue-chip brands, creating innovative, brand and revenue growth strategies. Read the full story here.

Heath Irving

All things programmatic, ad tech & digital with Heath Irving

With strong relationships throughout the industry, Head of Programmatic and Partnerships at Unruly, Heath Irving has built a reputation for his knowledge across the programmatic sphere. Here we talk to him about his journey, how it has developed his knowledge of the industry and the insight he’ll share at the 2020 Summit. Read the full story here.

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