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Thursday 5 March


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Clare Smith
In-Housing – Busting Open Myths vs Cracking Reality

Clare Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, Vinomofo


Just as grapes determine the quality of the wine, it’s your company attitude and partners that determine the quality of your in-house programmatic execution and its success.

Australian online retail business Vinomofo has taken the wine industry by storm with its members only wine company and now its CMO wants to give a sneak peek into the inner workings of its in-house programmatic hub and media buying strategy. Smith will take us through the brand’s programmatic awakening, reasons for in-housing and the challenges it has faced and is now facing. The top marketer will share tips for making the move to in-house, will alleviate fears about stepping away from a media agency and calls BS on some of the programmatic buying myths in market.

Willem Paling
Facing Bob Hoffman’s Conspiracy: Are We Living in the End of (Programmatic) Times?

Dr Willem Paling, Customer & Growth Analytics Director, IAG

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In September 2019, ad contrarian Bob Hoffman made the claim that for some years now, the advertising industry has been engaged in a conspiracy to deceive its clients and the public about online advertising. Not some kind of overt plot, but a collective lack of acknowledgment surrounding ad and traffic fraud, inflated and absurd metrics, unethical or illegal data sharing practices, and emerging regulatory responses.

This talk will unpack these issues from a client/advertiser perspective, in the Australian context. It will link to the speaker’s ongoing work on causal attribution, to the more recent recommendations of the ACCC digital platforms report and tighter tracking controls being implemented by Apple and Google, to explore what programmatic might look like in a world where regulation and control are much more tightly controlled.


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Vanessa Sanford

Vanessa Sanford, General Manager Media, Marketing Operations and Risk, Commonwealth Bank

Commonwealth Bank

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Peter Leonard
ACCC and Regulatory Disruption 1.01

Peter Leonard, Professor of Practice at UNSW Business School and Principal at Data Synergies

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Regulatory disruption of the digital advertising supply and value chain is gathering pace in Australia. This session briefs you in ACCC activity following the ACCC Digital Platforms Inquiry. Not clued in on how the ACCC is impacting adland? Fear not, as this session will see you walk away with a sound practical understanding of what’s at stake here and why you should care.


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What Does the Future of the TV/Video Buy Look Like?

Driven by consumers, broadcasters, digital players and tech innovation, the role and evolution of TV has come on leaps and bounds, but what does the TV buy of the future look like?

Is ad tech propelling and enhancing the monetisation of digital video or is it holding it back and how is this set to change in 2020?

This panel will address the role of programmatic in TV as well as the rise of BVOD and the impact of the joint broadcast industry’s new to market DSP, VOZ and much more.

We’ll also question how the industry is addressing market confusion to make it easy for brands to understand the landscape, the audience potential and to increase ad spend in the space.

Brands Pushing Boundaries in Smart Speaker Evolution

What is the role of programmatic advertising in the rise of smart speakers and who are the smart brands getting involved? This panel takes a look at how brands are expanding the media buy to include smart speakers and what the tech, ad tech players and media agencies are doing to develop this channel. From analysing the ease of the ad buy to zoning in on challenges, ROI and the rate of adoption, prepare to come away with a sound understanding of this advancing channel.


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Jonathan Wan
International Keynote

Jonathan Wan, Director of Global Marketing, Media & Social, Japan Airlines

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Christopher Guenther
Unearthed & Unfiltered – GDPR & CCPA’s Impact on Publishing Giant Newscorp

Christopher Guenther, SVP, Global Head of Programmatic, NewsCorp

News Corp

Flying in from New York, Christopher Guenther will share real world business impacts and ramifications of some of the industry’s biggest data and privacy shakeups in history.

In this session we’ll hear the warts and all account of how GDPR and similar privacy regulation, The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), impacted programmatic advertising at mass media and publishing company News Corp.

Ahead of Australia’s ACCC shakeup this session is a key opportunity to get the inside track on how such huge changes can influence business, people and the industry.

Cracking the Supply Chain Transparency Code

Marketers continue to demand greater transparency from their suppliers. Better knowledge around the supply chain and IAB protocols/standards, how the related infrastructures integrate, and the benefits of supply path optimisation all play key roles for buyers to better understand the eco-system and maximise the value of their spend.


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Digging Deep into the Role of Programmatic in Digital Out of Home

Digital out of home (DOOH) has taken the industry by storm thanks to increasing tech and innovation advancements. There are notable highs in ad spend and a wave of experimental brands pushing boundaries and winning awards in the channel, however, there still lies some gleaming speed bumps. The opportunities are clear, but what are the challenges, what role does programmatic have in DOOH and who and what must happen to really spearhead programmatic DOOH?

Adjusting to, and Impacts of, Life in a Cookieless World

With Apple, Mozilla and Google cracking down on third-party cookie tracking this has ruffled a few feathers, but whose? What complications do such tracking restrictions bring? Who loses out and who benefits? While it may not mean the death of audience targeting, it does mean alternatives to third-party cookies will come to the fore. This panel will discuss the ramifications and preparation needed in the face of the third-party cookie crumble, will ask what does this mean for sales numbers where sales are recorded using cookies, and will hit off practical tips looking at what can be tracked now, how to target and the role of re-targeting.


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