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Programmatic Summit 2021 agenda

Thursday 11 March


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Dan Robins
Opening Comments

Dan Robins, Director, CMO Advisory, PwC & Programmatic Summit MC

PwC Australia


Karen Eccles
International Keynote: Digital Trading Battles and Booms in a New Publishing World

Karen Eccles, Senior Director, Commercial Innovation, The Telegraph (UK)

The Telegraph

The future of digital publishing is innovative, unique, and lucrative – for those brave enough to cut ties with an over reliance on click-through rates.

As fresh business models filter into the media industry, never has it been clearer that the risk averse or legacy-shackled are in real danger of being left for dust.

In building such new business models from scratch, this can be met with major challenges, both internally and client-side, according to Karen Eccles, Senior Director, Commercial Innovation at The Telegraph.

In this international keynote session, Eccles explains why the iconic national British daily broadsheet took the bold decision to stop chasing scale and instead future-proof its business.

Charged with spearheading revenue development and innovation – while boosting first-party data – Eccles talks about the challenges associated with ripping up the rule book, what the future of measurement looks like and why the historic publisher believes the open marketplace does not place appropriate value on premium publishers.

From first-party consumer spending insights and new brand-safe data matching tools to having proof that advertising during a pandemic was valuable, Eccles will dig deep on the publishing giant’s advertising highs, lows, and programmatic plans for the future.


Partner Keynote: Ensuring Quality in an Evolving Digital Ecosystem

Vinetha Manthena, Associate Director, Digital Marketing Channels, Optus
Imran Masood, Country Manager AUNZ, DoubleVerify
Mark Titley, Business Director, Amobee

Vinetha ManthenaImran MasoodMark Titley
Double Verify

As our digital ecosystem continues to evolve, businesses are now understanding the importance of using first-party data and analytics to identify audience marketing strategies so as to drive real business outcomes and ROI.

In this session, Optus will discuss the evolution of their data transformation strategy and their assessment of the technology landscape. The session will also highlight how DoubleVerify worked with Optus and Amobee to secure brand protection and improve their media quality supply at scale to create greater efficiencies in their media and programmatic investments.


Dan Robins
Track 1
Track 1 Opening Comments

Dan Robins, CMO Advisory PWC

PwC Australia
Jonas Jaanimagi
Track 2
Track 2 Opening Comments

Jonas Jaanimagi, Tech lead, IAB Australia

IAB Australia


Track 1
Technologies of the Future

Lisa Andrews, Co-CEO and Futurist, SingularityU Australia
Christina Gerakiteys, Co-CEO and Futurist, SingularityU Australia

Lisa Andrews Christina Gerakiteys

Now, more than ever, is the time to think outside of the box about the role and power of technology and how it could be better applied to the world you work in.

From nanotechnology, bionics, and robotics to artificial intelligence, networks, sensors, AR and VR, the technologies used in our daily lives in the next decade is increasing at an alarming rate.

While technology can be used to solve some of the world’s biggest problems, the convergence of tech and what this means for businesses and leaders also presents a huge opportunity.

Co-CEOs and futurists Lisa Andrews and Christina Gerakiteys will give an insight into some of these technologies that exist as well as what is predicted in the next 20 years.

Expect to come away feeling inspired and empowered to implement something new into your business plan.

Track 2
How do we Know Our Ads Are Being Looked at?

Rob Hall, CEO, Playground XYZ
Patrick Darcy, Chief Data & Technology Officer, DAN ANZ

Playground Dentsu logos
Rob HallPatrick Darcy

Viewability, the most commonly used metric for a digital campaign, means our ad made it onto the screen, but being on the screen isn’t proof it’s actually been seen.

Marketers need an identity independent, privacy compliant solution to measure attention that will work into the future, but what does that look like and what are the major pitfalls in seeking this out?

Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning is allowing for new and exciting ways to solve this challenge.

This session will explore cutting-edge techniques to programmatically measure and optimise towards greater attention on ads, providing a look into the future of how media will be measured, bought and sold.


Coffee Break & Networking

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Ian Hocking
Track 1
Feature Speaker: Leaving the Open Marketplace

Ian Hocking, VP Digital of Advertising & Marketing Solutions, South China Morning Post

South Morning China Post

Having bid farewell to the open programmatic marketplace and killed off all biddable media in Asia Pacific in January this year, the Alibaba Group-owned South China Morning Post (SCMP) is a publisher on a quest to cement its first-party relationship with its audience.

VP Digital of Advertising & Marketing Solutions at the Hong Kong-based English-language newspaper, Ian Hocking, will reveal why it made such as huge decision to move away from the open marketplace (OMP), as well as how it hopes to take a declining revenue stream and make it an area of growth, while delivering greater performance and transparency.

Hocking will hit off challenges such as convincing the C-suite it was time for change, technical speed bumps and the main considerations involved – as well as what the value exchange for a brand moving from OMP to programmatic direct and programmatic guaranteed deals is.

We’ll also hear a raw account of market feedback and expectations of breaking even on the bold switch.

Track 2
Charged and Ready: Behind Samsung’s First-Party Data Power Play

Mick Armstrong, Head of Digital and Data, Samsung Australia
Mark Gretton, Chief Technology Officer, CHE Proximity
Hoang K. Nguyen, Executive Director of Engineering, CHE Proximity

CHE Proximity Samsung logo
Mick ArmstrongMark GrettonHoang Nguyen

In this agency and client session, Head of Digital and Data at Samsung Australia, Mick Armstrong, will share challenges the business faces in realising the power of its data.

Alongside CTO Mark Gretton and Executive Director of Engineering Hoang K. Nguyen, from its full-service agency CHE Proximity, the trio will reveal the brand’s single customer view solution design and strategy behind it.

From detail around its customer data platform (CDP) to powering paid media and 1:1 web personalisation, the panel will also discuss what the future holds for the merging of creative and programmatic.


Track 1
Panel: Connecting Connected TV; The identity opportunity in CTV

Peter Barry, Regional Director, ANZ & Head of Audience, APAC, PubMatic
Jodi Fraser, Commercial Director, Publicis Media
Nick Young, Director of Sales – Digital & Publishing, Nine
Nicole Bence, Network Digital Sales Director, Seven Network

Peter BarryJodi FraserNick YoungNicole Bence
Pubmatic, Publicis Media, Nine, Seven Network

As CTV continues to gain traction, securing a long-term solution to ensure audience addressability is key to seeing the format scale. But what does that solution look like? With many large broadcasters having logged in authenticated traffic, is there a use case for alternative ID’s in CTV? Cookies were never used, but is there a place for first party solutions? Or will broadcasters attempt to create their own ID solutions. And what does this mean for buyers looking to target and frequency cap across multiple platforms?

In this session we’ll speak to buyer and broadcasters to understand how they’re approaching identity for CTV in 2021.

Track 2
Short-changed? How to Drive Value from the Supply-Side

David Haddad, MD, Unruly
Heath Irving, Director Technology & Partnerships, Unruly
Flaminia Sapori, Head of Partnerships & Strategic Investment, Matterkind
Jason Denny, General Manager of Commercial Operations, News Corp Australia

David HaddadHeath IrvingFlaminia SaporiJason Denny

As programmatic trading races full steam ahead, Supply Path Optimisation(SPO) continues to be a hot topic with brands, publishers and agencies putting increased pressure on their supply-side partners to drive value.

Do not miss this panel discussion where you will have the chance to hear from some of Australia’s biggest publishers and agencies on what they consider crucial when working with their supply-side partners.


Peter Leonard
Track 1
ACCC’s Ad Tech Shakeup – Now and Next

Peter Leonard, Professor of Practice at UNSW Business School and Principal, Data Synergies

UNSW Business School

Exactly a year on from the launch of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) inquiry into ad tech and ad agency services, data expert Peter Leonard is back with a quickfire recap on what’s happened and what’s to come.

Following his stark warning in 2020 that the inquiry into ad tech was set to get “ugly”, Leonard will share what progress has been made and what we can expect to happen following the final report due in August 2021.

Built on the findings of the ACCC’s Digital Platforms Inquiry, this session is a must attend for all across the ad tech and data space.

Track 2
How are Agencies Accommodating What the Client Wants?

Ryan Menezes, Chief Technology and Transformation Officer, GroupM
Virginia Hyland, CEO, Havas Media Group Australia
Johan Micheelsen, Head of Growth Marketing, Menulog
Jason Tonelli, CEO, Performics Mercerbell Australia & Chief Product Officer, Publicis

GroupM Havas Menulog Publicis logos
Ryan MenezesVirginia HylandJohan MicheelsenJason Tonelli

What are the commercial models of programmatic within agencies and how are they pushing their programmatic offerings to give clients more and better services?

Who are they partnering with to improve data capabilities and how are they approaching the commercialisation of an increasing digitised supply of screens from planning, structural and buying perspectives?

The panel will discuss all this and more.


Networking Lunch

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Keynote: Business Recovery Amidst Disruption

Nirmal Nair, Vice President of Marketing, Nissan Asia & Oceania
Barney Pierce,  Director, Google Marketing Platform, Google AUNZ

Nirmal NairBarney Pierce
Google Marketing Platform and Nissan logo

What does it really mean to be ready? And how can you ensure you’re prepared to deal with unpredictable and fast-moving change? Against the backdrop of a challenging 2020, hear from Nirmal Nair, VP of Marketing at Nissan Asia Pacific, as he shares his organisation’s journey and his lessons in leadership in managing teams through disruption. Barney Pierce, Director of Google Marketing Platform AUNZ will kick off and close the session in discussing how Google is supporting the industry in preparing for a data-driven, privacy-forward future.


Programmatic to Partnerships: The changing face of first-party insights, consumer journeys and delivery of relevant high-impact campaigns

Shannon Fitzpatrick, Director of Advertising, Gumtree Media
Tim Lloyd, Senior Manager, AdTech & Data, Gumtree Media

Shannon FitzpatrickTim Lloyd
Gumtree Media

A year into the pandemic – how has your competitive edge as an advertiser changed?

In this in-depth session, we explore the evolution of the relationship between marketers and publishers and continued acceleration of the value first-party data plays in creating new opportunities to deliver more with less.

Advertisers can now access enhanced programmatic solutions that deliver greater scale, multi-category insights and advanced audience solutions, however the ability to transparently connect the digital consumer journey to real-world business outcomes – beyond the online cart – is the next big challenge in attribution that can only be solved with stronger strategic partnerships and combined first-party audience matching.

Audience Targeting and User Authentication – Where We’re at Today and What’s Coming Next

Deb O’Sullivan, VP Enterprise Sales ANZ, LiveRamp
Mitchell Greenway, Director, Partner Services ANZ, OpenX
Clay Gill, CEO, Matterkind Australia

Deb O SullivanMitchell GreenwayClay Gill

Audience targeting on the open web is in the midst of an evolution, and while many marketers have embraced highly successful approaches, the upcoming death of the cookie is forcing the digital media industry to grapple with a series of questions around what is coming next:

What solutions can we use to authenticate users? How do we do this in a privacy-first manner? How reliant are we actually on cookies? Do we need to rethink measurement?

In this session with Matterkind, LiveRamp and OpenX, hear from leaders on different sides of the digital media ecosystem (buyers, supply-side partners, data platforms) on how they are approaching the issue, what they have seen works best today, and what they expect the future to look like.


Track 1
Panel: Marketers Talk Digital Transformation and Pushing Programmatic

Sven Lindell, CMO, The Winning Group
Ken Russell, Head of Marketing: CX and Brand, BWS
Clementine Churchill, Head of Marketing, My Muscle Chef
Amanda Nazar, Group Manager, Digital Marketing, Telstra

The Winning Group, BWS, My Muscle Chef, Telstra
Sven LindellKen RussellClementine ChurchillAmanda Nazar

Did the arrival of a global pandemic force brands to boost digital maturity, accelerate e-commerce adoption and push programmatic and how have such changes translated? Top marketers share digital transformation outlooks and programmatic plans.

Track 2
Panel: The Future of Identity and Re-Architecting Digital Marketing

Jonas Jaanimagi, Tech Lead, IAB Australia
Lachlan McDivitt, Senior Trading Director AUNZ, The Trade Desk
Gabbi Stubbs, APAC Technology Product Marketing Lead, Adobe
Richard Knott, Business Development Director, Quantcast

Jonas JaanimagiLachlan McDivittGabi StubbsRichard Knott
IAB, The Trade Desk, Adobe, Quantcast

A global industry collaboration is underway to re-architect the mechanisms of digital marketing as we face the oncoming degradation of third-party cookies, and potentially mobile ad IDs. The default future state of digital media will be 100% anonymous and non-addressable to third-party vendors that support advertising-funded media and services today.

This session will review the progress of the IAB’s Project Rearc initiative and include an overview of the different types of proposals being reviewed.

It will also look at how identity is evolving across both web-based and in-app environments on various devices, and how the entire industry is preparing to ensure we can provide for standardised consumer-facing messaging – as well as accountability mechanisms that ascertain responsible privacy practices.


Coffee & Networking Break

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Track 1
Panel: Programmatic Powers in a Premium vs User-Generated TV World

Ricky Chanana, Head of Sales AUNZ, Twitch
Pat Danahy, Platforms Solutions Lead: Strategic Formats and Features, Google
Danika Johnston, Digital Commercial Lead, SBS
Venessa Hunt, General Manager, ThinkPremiumDigital

Twitch Google SBS Think logos
Ricky ChananaPat DanahyDanika JohnstonVenessa Hunt

From Twitch to YouTube, TikTok and Facebook, user-generated content (UGC) has undoubtedly shaken up the competitive world of live and video on demand content.

Coupled with the evolution of BVOD from within TV networks and the arrival of ad-funded streaming players, the opportunities for brands to advertise across video content are abundant.

Here we’ll discuss the programmatic advertising innovations and challenges across both premium and UGC video.

Track 2
Panel: Deep Dive into Programmatic DOOH

Jessica Miles, Country Manager, Integral Ad Science
Cassandra Cameron, Head of Trading & Sales Operations, JCDecaux
Phoebe Chan, Media & Operations Director, Apparent
Minsun Collier, National Head of Digital, MediaCom

IAS JCDecaux Apparent MediaCom logo
Jessica MilesCassandra CameronPhoebe ChanMinsun Collier

What are the latest innovations and the biggest challenges within programmatic digital out of home and what is the real value of programmatic for this channel now and for the future?

This panel will discuss how to trade best in programmatic digital out of home, will highlight why this channel is so unique, will share practical examples of success – including how data has been harnessed during challenging COVID-19 times – and will call out current barriers to adoption.


Track 1
Connected TV – How Innovative Are We?

Lamberto Di Gioia, Director of Revenue and Growth, Optus
Sophie Hicks Lloyd, Director of Digital Sales, 10ViacomCBS
Jodi Fraser, Commercial Director, Publicis Media
Mark Serhan, Senior Account Director, Xandr

Optus, 10viacomcbs, Publicis Media and Xandr logos
Lamberato Di GioiaSophie Hicks LloydJodi FraserMark Serhan

There’s much fanfare around CTV, but why and how are brands using it from an advertising perspective and what role does programmatic have?

From volume and quality to convergence and the potential risks of CTV ad fraud, expect to come away with a sound understanding of CTV and what’s driving its expansion.

We’ll also specifically explore the value proposition, risks and promise of programmatic advertising within live CTV.

Track 2
Why First-Class, First-Party Data is the Future of Programmatic

Jono Smith, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Flybuys
Natalie Minter, Product Manager, Flybuys

Jono SmithFlybuys

The future of programmatic marketing lies in rich, high quality data that is derived with consent directly from consumers, according to Natalie Minter and Jono Smith from Australian rewards giant Flybuys.

With more than 8.6 million active members who shop regularly with retail partners such as Coles and Liquorland, the duo will unpack the data resulting from these member transactions, why it’s so valuable and what can be done with it to help marketers understand buying behaviour across the entire customer journey.

They’ll share how a consent-based model can help to ensure marketers have access to quality data and insights that drive real-world outcomes. The pair will also reflect on how COVID-19 has brought to light the importance of measuring the effectiveness of every dollar invested into brand building and how the demise of the cookie in 2021 is accelerating this trend.

This practical session will reveal examples of common challenges faced by FMCG brands and show how brands have used first-party data to achieve results.

They’ll also reveal how brands may be able to reach untapped market share, prevent media wastage, and deliver an improved overall campaign ROI.


Dominic Powers
Closing Keynote: How A New Internet Will Revolutionise The Advertising Business Model

Dominic Williams, Founder and Chief Scientist, DFINITY Foundation


The Atlantic states the “original sin” of the internet was that almost every web business defaulted to an advertising-based business model — in turn led to the privacy-invading, data-collecting policies that are the foundation of companies like Facebook and Google.

The scientists who engineered the original internet could hardly have envisioned it becoming one of humanity’s greatest inventions, and the sheer level of wealth and innovation that would emerge. However, the “original sin” of the internet has allowed a handful of tech giants to dominate — creating a closed and monopolized internet.

While the public internet has made it possible to connect billions of people, the current internet ecosystem of Big Tech platforms and centralized server farms is antithetical to the ethos of the internet, argues Founder and Chief Scientist of the Zurich-based not-for-profit DFINITY Foundation, Dominic Williams.

What does better look like? The Internet Computer extends the functionality of the internet from a network that connects billions of people to a public compute platform that empowers millions of developers and entrepreneurs — providing a revolutionary new way to build mass market internet services, pan-industry platforms, secure enterprise systems and websites, and DeFi.

With many big backers and plenty of TechCrunch headlines under its belt, the Internet Computer not only has a bold mission to restore the internet back to its free and open roots, but actual action is underway and entrepreneurs are queuing up to help kickstart the “new internet” and its many new business models.

Williams will ask this tech and internet reliant audience to think outside the box about an online ecosystem beyond what we are entrenched in — moving away from taking a piece of the action or selling ads to generate revenue.

Williams will discuss CanCan, an open alternative to TikTok that is not owned or operated by a corporate or government entity. Most importantly, how can advertisers and sponsors meaningfully engage with users in this brave new world.

From understanding the concept to blue-sky thinking about where advertising could go and what the internet looks like over the next decade that isn’t all about Big Tech, this session is set to be an eye-opener.


Closing Comments


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