COVID-19 safe event info

Our best-practice covid-19 safe event plan

Your safety and wellbeing are our greatest priority, therefore in partnership with the venue, we have developed our covid-19 safe event plan for the Programmatic Summit 2022.

We want to make your experience as pleasant as possible and help overcome any fears you may have about attending live events once again.

We will of course be guided by any government regulations

Fully vaccinated

Arrival & Registration
– Allocated arrival time for attendees
– Hand sanitiser available at registration desk
– Single use name tags and lanyards

During the event
– Appropriate social distancing
– Event room setup with social distancing signage and spacing
– Attendees advised of hygiene item locations and availability

Event catering
– Hygiene stations available
– No touch service: individually boxed/plated service staff to facilitate
– Dedicated catering station available for each section of the room to avoid congestion and implement social distancing

Bathrooms and breaktimes
– Venue signage in toilets
– Toilets: freely available hand sanitiser, hand soap, hand towels
– Disinfectant wipes and disposable gloves will be used for clearing tables and food wastage
– Additional bins available
– Cleaning before and after break of frequently accessed areas (taps, cubicle door handles, etc)
– Staggered exit and entry to room