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Thursday, 29 February


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Ander Lopez Ochoa

International Keynote: Transparency in Programmatic

Ander Lopez Ochoa, EMEA Head of Digital, Content, Media & eCommerce Marketing, Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson

In this special international keynote presentation, join Ander Lopez Ochoa from Johnson & Johnson as we explore the need to provide stakeholders with a clearer objective into programmatic spend, this session delves into the critical need for transparency in the advertising ecosystem. The presentation will also provide a roadmap for fostering trust and collaboration among advertisers, agencies, and publishers, ultimately enabling investments to be made more strategically. Through concrete examples of success at Johnson & Johnson, we will demystify the complex web of intermediaries, allowing you to truly see where your ad dollars are going, allowing you to reduce inefficiencies.

To ensure that your ads are viewed by rea, engaged audiences, is a fundamental concern, and so Ander will also touch on the pervasive issue of ad fraud and how you can best reduce any brand damage by having your ads appear in inappropriate and harmful contexts.


Partner Keynote


Annie Marendaz

Track 1
Creativity in Programmatic: Utilising Creativity to Reimagine the Programmatic Journey

Annie Marendaz, Performance Director, The Media Store

The Media Store

Clients, each with their own varying programmatic knowledge and time constraints, prioritise getting tangible results. The complexity of digital media, packed with jargon, poses a challenge in aligning strategies with broader business goals, and convincing non-marketing stakeholders for budget approval remains a common hurdle.

To address this we should all be thinking how we can reimagine the way programmatic is recommended and reported on using digestible formats in training, presentations, and meetings. By brining a human touch, creativity, humour (and pop culture references!) into our explanations of channels, campaign setups and results to increase relatability and engagement.

If you want to enhance the accessibility, memorability, and enjoyment of the programmatic journey, seamlessly aligning efforts with overarching business objectives, make sure you stop by this session!

Peter Leonard

Track 2
Cut Through the Hype: How Will the 2024 Privacy Regulations Impact You?!

Peter Leonard, Principal and Director, Data Synergies and UNSW Business School


Concerns about how companies use data has increased, and regulatory changes are going to have an impact on every single person in multiple ways. At the moment 6/10 people find personalised content in advertising useful, in-spite of increasing privacy awareness and scepticism.

In this session we’ll be deep diving into what the upcoming privacy regulation changes mean for you, as we discuss proposed changes around personal information, de-identified info, APPs, exemptions, privacy policies and potential penalties.

From there, we’ll give an overview on the key issues that are impacting advertising such as the scope of the regulation, proposed changes, what it means for targeting and trading and the lack of a ‘legitimate interests’ exception. The narrow definition of what counts as PI is critical, and we should be giving sufficient time to implement in businesses.


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Partner Breakout
Programmatic DOOH: Leveraging Programmatic Digital Out of Home into Your Omni-Channel Strategy

Bringing your touch points together in a unified and consistent way has never been more important, and we know that programmatic advertising, by offering advertisers access to a wide range of valuable ad-space through real-time bids is the bread and butter of any modern ad campaign. Advertising is more Omnichannel than ever and, in this session, we’ll be looking at the why and how-to of combining the power of Digital Our of Home (DOOH) with the targeting, efficiency and accuracy offered by programmatic.

Together we’ll look at how the DOOH medium can be accelerated using the auction logic of programmatic to purchase impressions in real time that are based on the leveraging of data and highlight case studies of successful integration of pDOOH.

Finally, this session will touch on how programmatic makes it easier to measure the effectiveness of digital out of home across the entire funnel. By brining programmatic DOOH into your omnichannel strategy you can reach your audience effectively while being able to measure the impact of this medium’s contribution to the overall omnichannel strategy.

Partner Breakout
Adapting to the Post-Cookie Environment: How Can You Activate First Party Data and Deliver More Personalised Campaigns

The demise of third-party cookies has left marketers and advertisers grappling with a series of formidable challenges. Of paramount importance will be activating first-party data for the creation of highly personalised campaigns. This session will begin by setting out the questions on how to understand and segment audiences will be incredibly important.

Then we’ll explore moving towards multi-touch attribution models that consider multiple touchpoints on a customer journey help to better build more sophisticated programmatic advertising and a look at what to do when you can’t build your own first party data extensively.

Adapting to the post-cookie landscape will require a combination of technical solutions, regulatory compliance, and a commitment to user privacy and transparency. It’s essential to remain flexible and open to experimentation as the industry continues to evolve.


Ben Oliver
Track 1
Bringing Your Media Team In-House: How Treasury Wine Estates Built a Media Team from Scratch

Ben Oliver, Head of Media, Treasury Wine Estates

Treasury Wine Estates

In 2023 Treasury Wine Industries (TWI) made the momentous decision to bring all biddable media buying functions in-house, severing ties with external agencies. Join Ben Oliver, Head of Media at Treasury Wine Estates to hear how they embarked on a mission to construct a media team in-house that strives for excellence.

Ben will be focusing on talking points including the choice of initial tech stack from programmatic platforms to analytics tools, the challenges of recruitment and team structure and reporting and measurement.

Finally, we will touch on the development of media principles to guide media selection. Crafting a unique identity in the media space requires a set of guiding principles, a foundation framework that steers media selection and strategy and Ben will share key insights from his journey to support you in yours.

Track 2
Can Your Rich Media Campaign Be Sustainable AND Deliver of ROI Targets?

The internet contributes to 4% of the worlds global carbon emissions. It’s imperative that we, as responsible corporate citizens, strive to mitigate this impact. Domino’s, a forward-thinking leader in quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry, has its sights set on becoming the most sustainable QSR in the market. To achieve this, Domino’s has harnessed the power of the Buddy Decarbonise platform.

Buddy Decarbonise is a cutting-edge tool that enables Domino’s to reduce, report, and offset their carbon emissions arising from rich media display advertising. Hear how this innovative approach to sustainability allows Domino’s to not only address their carbon footprint but also to lead by example in the industry.

Prioritizing sustainability doesn’t have to come at the expense of performance. In fact, Domino’s rich media advertising remains their top-performing channel for reaching the market, driving incremental sales uplift. Join this session to realise how a commitment to sustainability can be harmoniously aligned with achieving and even exceeding ROI targets.


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Track 1
Panel Discussion: Why Should You Consider Podcasting in Your Performance Mix?

Despite typically being viewed as an awareness channel, in 2023 we really started to see brands consider podcasting as a performance channel, in no small part due to enhanced programmatic capabilities, advanced digital metrics and evolved measurement opportunities. 50% of podcast ad expenditure is now considered performance and accounts for 20% of total podcast spend in the UK.

In this panel, you’ll hear from Acast, the largest podcast company in the world, partnering with the likes of the BBC, the Guardian, the Economic and Australian true crime, as they lead a discussion on how podcasting has evolved and what opportunities it will continue to deliver. In this session we’ll discuss:

– What examples, or case-studies, can you provide of successful podcasting campaigns that have demonstrated value outcomes?
– How have enhanced programmatic capabilities and advanced digital metrics contributed to the shift in perception of podcasting from an awareness channel to a performance channel in 2023?
– What specific measurement opportunities have emerged in recent times that make podcasting an attractive option for brands seeking performance-driven outcomes?

Track 2
Panel Discussion: Is Attention the Most Valuable Metric in the Modern Ad Landscape? Critical Factors in Measuring Campaign Performance

The age-old adage, “time is money,” holds true in the digital realm, as advertisers strive to capture the attention of their audiences. But is attention truly the most valuable metric in today’s advertising landscape? In this thought-provoking session, we will explore the significance of attention as a metric and investigate its role in shaping the future of digital advertising. The key questions we’ll be exploring are:

– How do we define and quantify attention in a world saturated with digital content and short attention spans?
– With numerous metrics available, which ones complement or conflict with attention as a primary metric?
– Can a strong focus on capturing attention translate into meaningful conversions and sales, or is it a superficial metrics?
– How does attention correlate with long-term brand-building and customer loyalty?

What are the implications of bombarding audiences with attention-seeking ads and how can we ensure a positive customer experience while seeking to capture and hold attention?


Track 1
Partner Breakout: Navigating New Frontiers in Retail Media: Key Questions and Challenges in Programmatic Advertising

The Australian retail media sector faces a series of formidable challenges as it grapples with changes in consumer behaviours and new entrants into the market. Listen in to discover how traditional brands can capitalise on their extensive customer data and in-store advertising opportunities to stay at the forefront of customer experience, as we cover the following questions:

How are retail media marketplaces changing the way brands access retail media opportunities? What are the implications of walled gardens and open platform approaches in retail media? What advanced analytics and attribution models are available for measuring the success of retail media campaigns, and how are they evolving to provide more precise insights? What new and innovative retail media ad formats are emerging, and how do they enhance engagement with consumers? As e-commerce continues to grow, how can retailers seamlessly integrate retail media into the online shopping experience to maximize revenue and customer engagement?

Track 2
Partner Breakout: Navigating the Relationship between CTV and Programmatic with Creativity in Advertising

In the ever-evolving landscape of programmatic advertising, the interplay between CTV and programmatic technology has become a crucial dynamic for industry professionals to navigate. Emphasising the pivotal role that creativity plays in addressing the biggest industry challenges, this session will focus on outlining the challenges of CTV, such as the measurement of co-viewing, how to become more dynamic with ad loads and how to increase agility based on different audiences and experiences.

Another key area of focus will be the marrying outcomes to currencies, which will need to happen with a more sophisticated level of audience verification; how do we ensure that the beer ads are going to the beer drinkers? And how do we overcome the issue of co-viewing, with individuals in households all using one CTV devices? By creating universal currencies you can settle transactions on CTV and, by knowing the value of an audience, co-viewing can be navigated.

Lastly, we’ll look at how cross-channel synergy can create a cohesive brand experience that leverages the strengths of each platform and maximises the impact of their creative messaging.


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Track 1
IAB Session

IAB Australia
Track 2
Discussion Group Sessions: The Programmatic Exchange

It’s time to talk! Grab a table, sit down, and get ready for the Programmatic Exchange. There’s just never enough time to make all the new connections you need and break down the content that you’ve heard. Well we’ve designed the remedy for you. Over the next 40 mins you’ll have 20 mins to discuss two topics with your fellow delegates. Building on what you’ve heard throughout the day, here’s what you’ll be getting your teeth stuck into:

– What is the most exciting development in each of the following channels: CTV, Retail Media, and Digital Out of Home?
– To what extent is the end of cookies and privacy changes ‘the end of the world as we know it’ for some businesses?


Partner Keynote


Hamza Ayub
International Keynote: Utilising Programmatic to Leverage New Advertising Platforms: How Dunkin’ Donuts Blended Programmatic and Contextual Advertising to Capture Switzerland

Hamza Ayub, Chief Marketing Officer, Dunkin’ Donuts Switzerland

Dunkin' Donuts

In the dynamic realm of programmatic advertising, innovation and adaptability are essential to stay ahead of the competition. Join Hamza Ayub, direct from the land of Toblerone, for a compelling panel discussion that showcases how Dunkin’ Donuts successfully harnessed programmatic advertising to leverage new advertising platforms, with a special focus on their entry into the Swiss market. Discover the ingenious strategies and insights behind Dunkin’ Donuts’ use of programmatic and contextual advertising to capture the hearts and taste buds of Switzerland.

Hamza’s expertise has not only landed him in the 2022 Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ but both Dunkin’ Donuts and AnW, his own creative agency, have been nominated in the TikTok Awards.


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