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UNDER THE HOOD: Digital Media Training


Tim WhitfieldIn response to industry feedback regarding the need for training and understanding of digital media, Ashton Media and Rex White Consulting have teamed up to bring you ‘Under the Hood’, a six week live and interactive training and certification program covering the core pillars of digital media.

During weekly live Zoom video sessions participants will learn both theory and practice on a range of topics including DSP’s, SSPs, XXX XXX from a range of topic experts including Timothy Whitfield, XXX, XXX, XXX on the following topics.


Starting June


Online via Private Zoom sessions


6 weeks (2 hours per week) 


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Topics and lecturers

1. Creative Design & Business Concepts – how to design good creative and the principals for creating an eye-catching creative.

2. Ad Operations – A review of Ad-Serving, how an ad-call works, hand on tools, ad tag wrapping for band safety, ad-fraud, viewability, attribution or market measurement

3. Programmatic Selling – A review of the bid waterfall and understanding how a publisher optimises inventory for yield. Touching on 1st vs 2nd price auctions. A look into header bidding and how it works technically.

4. Programmatic Buying – A review of agency media buying from a trading desk perspective. How DMP data is overlayed over inventory to enrich segments. A deeper look at DMPs like Facebook and Google versus Ad-Tech DMPs with 1st party data.

5. eCommerce, Search, Social – Put all these steps together to get an ad displayed on a website and attract clients to the site.

6. Analytics – A review of the sales funnel (A.I.D.A) and how to optimise a site for better conversions. For those that follow-along and build their own website then this will be a review of their site and how performed.

Here’s what you can expect

Under The Hood will teach participants how to create digital creative from scratch as well as execute, analyse and optimise a programmatic campaign. The training program will allow participants to understand both the ‘Why’ and ‘How’ various tech platforms are used during campaigns by allowing them access to technology platforms.

So, if you’re keen to upskill or reskill during lockdown, or if you’re a brand who’s keen to properly understand the work your agency does on your behalf, sign up to Under The Hood. The course will increase your knowledge and help you connect and learn with likeminded individuals.