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How is Ashton Cast different?

Each episode of the Ashton Cast is masterfully crafted with the needs of our unique audience segments in mind. Over the years our audiences of leaders in marketing, advertising, media and CX have grown to trust that Ashton Media will deliver best in class content, designed specifically to help them do their jobs better.

We won’t be delivering long, waffling one on one interviews (yawn) – Ashton Cast is bite-sized 10 – 30 minutes of audio bliss which you can consume on your commute or during the 30 mins of cardio your GP recommends.

This is your chance to be part of something unique, right from the outset as we grow our base of longtail content and audience of engaged subscribers.

Episode 1 | Agencies vs Consultancies: a tale of David vs Goliath
Andrew BaxterLeif StromnesPhil McDonald

In episode one we discuss the tale the plight of agencies in the wake of the growing presence of consultancies, is it a simple case of David vs Goliath where the consultancies represent Goliath and the agencies, David…or is there more to it than that? We get under the skin of the issue with Andrew “Billy” Baxter, Senior Advisor at KPMGs Customer, Brand & Marketing Advisory (CBMA) business, Leif Stromnes, MD Strategy and Innovation of DDB Sydney and Phil McDonald, CEO of Indie agency BCM.

Here’s what you can expect


AshtonCast is premium, narrative style, short-form content designed specifically with our audience of time-poor leaders in mind..


AshtonCast is designed to be consumed on your commute. Each episode will be 10 – 30 mins long. Anything beyond and you start to lose engagement.


All episodes of AshtonCast have been curated through conversations with our advisory boards of industry leaders.

Industry Access

Our 10+ years in the industry provide us with access to the brightest minds in our field.

Premium Audience

The audience for AshtonCast is the same enterprise audience that we target and that attends our industry-leading events.

Production quality

We work with the team at PodPaste, headed up by ARIA Award-winning producer Daren Lake. So your brand sounds outstanding.


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