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The region's most senior gathering of agency executives. Bar none.

Tim Williams
Founding Partner , Ignition Consulting Group
Nicole Taylor
SVP and Head of LEGO Agency , The LEGO Group


Hours in the Hunter Valley

Where the leaders go.

Join the who’s who of adland as we celebrate our 10th anniversary at the Agency Leaders Symposium, the region’s only conference dedicated to the business of running a modern agency.

Over the past 10 years, the Symposium has forged an outstanding reputation for providing agency leaders the space and time to have unfiltered discussions with peers under Chatham House rules while being inspired and informed by content designed to stretch your thinking.

Quite simply: there is nothing like it in the region.

Over 1.5 days you will learn, discuss, debate, and collaborate, on how agencies can best position their people and businesses for the competitive and volatile road ahead, including actions you can take right now to set you up for success.

Hear from the most influential minds in the industry on topics including;

– The hidden cost of pitching
– Attention metrics and measurement. Do clients want attention metrics yet? Is the methodology robust enough to establish an industry currency yet?
– How to win without pitching and avoid competitive, low margin RFPs
– How behavioural science can be applied to effective ad creative and customer experience challenges
– Leadership during times of turbulence and change
– Changing priorities for entry and mid-level staff, and how to motivate and retain staff in a rising wage market
– How we can market the ‘why’ of working in adland
– A look at mentorship in industry vs early promotion vs burnout
– The CMO perspective: deep diving into agency models and what clients really need and want from their agencies. Is it a one-stop-shop agency solution, many agencies, a hybrid of in-house and outsourced or something else entirely?
– Purpose driven marketing, diversity & inclusion, and driving action on critical social issues
– Scaling and diversifying your agency, case studies from rapid growth independent agencies

The conference program has been crafted with help from a highly influential advisory board of agency leaders. Click the ‘Apply for your place’ button to join the most senior delegation of agency executives to gather in ANZ. We look forward to welcoming you to the Agency Leaders Symposium 2022.


Agency Leaders Symposium 2022

Crowne Plaza
Hunter Valley
NSW Australia


Tuesday 6 September – Wednesday 7 September 2022


C-Level Executives
Managing Directors
General Manager
Heads of Investment
Heads of Strategy
Heads of Creative
Heads of Digital
Head of Trading / Programmatic


Apply for your place.

Nicole Taylor

International Keynote:
Nicole Taylor

Senior Vice President and Head of LEGO Agency
The LEGO Group (DEN)

Fireside: How Agencies and Clients Can Better Collaborate

In this fireside chat the VP of marketing from a major brand will share her key leadership learnings, based on her 14 years’ experience as a CEO/ Managing Partner of major agencies, and how her company and her agencies collaborate to drive results.

This discussion will cover the brand’s global approach to media and creative, with a focus on integration, innovation, transparency and speed to react to changing trends or campaigns that aren’t working.

This global brand leader helps to drive innovation, which is, in turn, improving transparency, agility and productivity.

Tim Williams

International Keynote:
Tim Williams

Founding Partner
Ignition Consulting Group (US)

Why Your Revenue Streams Drive Your Talent Streams. How to Build a Revenue Model That Allows the Agency to Scale Its Talent, Expertise, and Intellectual Capital

The agencies winning the battle for talent aren’t necessarily the ones with the best reputations but rather those with the most innovative business (revenue) models. The high-profile defectors haven’t jumped from one traditional agency to another, but from agency to technology company; agency to media company; agency to consultancy. The most talented people in the business aren’t just leaving your agency, many are leaving the agency business.

Resignations have been fuelled by factors that are now very familiar to most agency leaders – the pandemic, the economy, and the need for flexibility. But these are largely temporary dynamics that will eventually turn themselves around. The central cause of the problem – the key driver — is the agency business model itself.

More specifically, agencies are lacking a revenue model. Whereas most other modern businesses have a dynamic, multi-faceted pricing structure, many agencies simply have a schedule of hourly rates. They have a self-limiting inventory of hours they sell to their clients, which places a self-imposed ceiling on both income and profits.

In this compelling presentation, Tim Williams of Ignition Consulting Group shows how agencies can replace their current cost-driven compensation approach with an actual revenue model; a variety of ways they can price their services based on the value they create rather than the costs they incur.

Tim is the highest rated speaker we have ever hosted at the symposium. So, we thought as a little gift to help you celebrate our tenth anniversary with us, we would bring him back.

You love him, we love him, and he’s got a bunch of new pragmatic advice to share with you.

Here’s what you can expect


Speakers have been hand selected by an experienced Advisory Board of your peers


An invitation-only event attracting most influential agency leaders


A rare opportunity to share ideas and challenges openly with peers. With no trade press present.


Gain a new perspective on how to keep winning in our changing landscape

Nick Behr

OPEN AND COLLABORATE Fantastic to connect with all the leaders of our industry. They may be competitors but at the agency symposium it feels like an opportunity to be open, share stories and even collaborate.

Nickie Scriven

CONNECT WITH SMARTEST MINDS IN THE INDUSTRY The Agency Leaders Symposium is a great opportunity for the industry’s leaders to get together and discuss the big issues and opportunities in our industry. It's wonderful spending a couple of days connecting with the smartest and most inspiring minds in our industry.

LEARN, DISCUSS, AND NETWORK Ashton Media knows how to produce great events where the industry can come together to learn, discuss and network. Agency Leaders Symposium is great for senior people in the industry to come together to discuss topics in an honest and open ways, despite they are competitors outside the event.



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2022 Agency Leaders Symposium Advisory Board…Driving the agency agenda…

Nick Behr


Founding Partner

Peter Vogel
Peter Vogel



Virginia Hyland
Virginia Hyland

Havas Media Group Australia


Sue Squillace
Sue Squillace

Dentsu Media


Yatu Widder Hunt
Yatu Widders Hunt

Cox Inall Ridgeway

General Manager

Chris Walton
Chris Walton

Nunn Media

Managing Director Sydney

Jack Watts
Jack Watts


Global CEO

Phil McDonald

BCM Group

Partner and Managing Director

Joe Frazer
Joe Frazer

Half Dome

Managing Partner

Simone Waugh


Managing Director QLD

Nickie Scriven
Nickie Scriven

Zenith Media

CEO Australia

Kirsty Muddle
Kirsty Muddle

dentsu Creative, Australia and New Zealand

Chief Executive Officer

Dan Beaumont
Dan Beaumont

The Royals

Managing Partner

Luke Brown


CEO & Founder



rightsmartestMost Senior


The power of the symposium will be enhanced by the quality, energy and diversity of the people you meet, who will bring their ideas to the gathering while enriching our many conversations. Our way to ensure the quality of the experience is to handpick the most exciting and imaginative group of people and bring them together.

Agency Leaders Symposium highlight
Agency Leaders Symposium highlight