Upcoming Events

Customer 360 Forum

17th October, 2018, Sydney

A forum for business leaders deep dive into the CX and marketing issues that are keeping them up night.
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CX Awards

17th October, 2018, Sydney

Australia’s most important customer experience awards
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Marketing Tech Symposium

12th – 14th November, 2018, Hunter Valley

The region’s leading marketing technology conference.
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Programmatic Summit

Programmatic Summit 2019

7th March, ICC Sydney

The Region’s Leading Programmatic Advertising Conference.
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Customer 360 Symposium

1st – 3rd, April, 2019, Hunter Valley

The region’s premier enterprise customer experience conference.
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The Esports Conference

June 19th 2019, ICC Sydney.

ANZ’s first conference dedicated to the business of esports 
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Welcome to the Ashton Media Marketing and Customer Experience Hub. Here you will find a selection of interesting articles and videos from our team and wide range of contributing authors representing the leading thinking in Marketing and Customer Experience.

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  • Breaking Through the Barriers to Successful Website Performance Oct 16 -   Today’s digital world demands more from all of us. We need to tick boxes across numerous touch points – with everything working together. With all the marketing technologies and platforms we have on hand, there is one very important platform at the centre of it all – your website. Almost every marketing dollar you […]
  • Access China Summit Speaker Q&A: Catherine Cervasio, Founder and CEO, Aromababy Jun 13 - You started Aromababy in 1994 – where did the idea come from? I worked in a variety of roles from beauty editor for a luxury magazine to product development specialist for a fashion retailer accessory supplier. It was in this second role that I came up with the idea to introduce skincare product as ‘accessories’ […]
  • Access China Summit Speaker Q&A: Shayne Mele, ANZ Merchandise Manager, VIP.com Jun 7 -   Why is China such an exciting market for Australian brands? Australia’s retail growth is fairly flat due to minimal population growth and slow wage growth, so it makes sense for brands seeking greater growth to look abroad and with Asia at our doorstep with an enormous population shift and growth in middle-class wealth, it […]
  • Highlights from Programmatic Forum – Programmatic Beyond Screens Jul 27 - How are advertisers navigating the uncharted waters of programmatic in traditional, broadcast, non-digital, offline channels? Read More.

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