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2023 events

Independent Media Agencies Australia“Great job! Fantastic content and great to see such a strong delegation from the indies.”
Sam Buchanan, Chief Executive Officer at Independent Media Agencies Australia – attendee at the Agency Leaders Symposium

OfferFit“I’ve been fortunate enough to attend many conferences and events over the past 15 years (both marketing and non-marketing, domestic and international), and the Symposium still continues to be by far the best I’ve ever attended. I think the magic lies in the event is set up, the organisers, and the attendees. There’s something unique about those three components that make this event amazing. I actually cleared my calendar this year and attended 90% of the sessions. I learnt a ton and made some great connections.”
Gopi Sara, Director at OfferFit – partner and speaker at the Marketing Tech Symposium

Movable Ink“The Marketing Tech Symposium is one of the best-run conferences I’ve been – a huge variety of speakers and a great way to spend a few days learning about the latest in MarTech & connecting with your peers (having fun along the way too!).”
Alex Manly, Associate Director of Strategy (Financial Services & Travel) at Movable Ink – partner and speaker at the Marketing Tech Symposium

Simple“The Symposium was an excellent event with a high quality group of senior MarTech leaders and innovative vendors providing great value to all attendees in a beautiful location.”
Margaret Foley, Chief Customer Officer at Simple – partner of the Marketing Tech Symposium

CraftCXM“We’ve sponsored the Martech Symposium for 3-years now and each year has surpassed the prior. The quality of client attendees is exactly of the level we seek to connect with and the symposium enables us to get quality face time with senior marketers. The event offers a great amount of networking time and breakout sessions where we have been able to focus topic conversation on either with individuals or small groups.”
Leighton Robins, Managing Director at CraftCXM – partner of the Marketing Tech Symposium

Foxtel“Of all events on the Australian calendar, the one I ensure I attend each year is the Martech Symposium. The event is always thought provoking, with a great range of high quality speakers that always provide key insights into the latest trends, but more importantly often actionable insights that I can take back into the business. As a regular attendee, I can attest to the care and attention that the Ashton team put into providing a great event and one I look forward to returning to.”
John Matthews, Digital Ad Products at Foxtel – attendee at the Marketing Tech Symposium

Youi“Exceptional caliber of presenters and attendees. Great facilitation, use of the app to connect and having the virtual assistant. Hunter was a fabulous location and it was great to get away from the office and have some time to also socialise with MarTech peers and build relationships.”
Jackie Embery, Investigator at Youi Insurance – attendee at the Marketing Tech Symposium

Virgin Australia“Ashton Media have successfully delivered another amazing Mar-tech Symposium in the Hunter Valley that literally stops the industry for 3 days. Its high calibre list of delegates from across the media, advertising and marketing technology industries makes this a must-attend event for anyone wanting to immerse themselves in the latest industry trends and insights.”
Daevid Richards, VA Groups Customer Data & Partnerships Solutions Lead at Virgin Australia – attendee at the Marketing Tech Symposium

Cleanaway Waste Management“Best industry event I’ve been lucky enough to participate in. A lot of learning, thought starters, quality discussion and networking. This was the first time I’ve attended but I’m looking forward to attending again and bringing others from the broader team.”
Andrew Pattison, Digital Customer Experience Director at Cleanaway Waste Management – attendee at the Marketing Tech Symposium

Sprouta“Valuable and thoughtful forum to connect authentically with peers, share ideas and learn from each other. We are all looking to solve for some complex challenges. This is the place to find your community.”
Leonie Rothwell, Director & Co-Founder at Sprouta – partner of the L&D + HR Symposium

Winning Group“Seriously, it was a game-changer. They were all about using tech to supercharge the employee experience. Learning and growth took on a whole new meaning. Hanging out with leaders from Australia and New Zealand made learning a blast. No office distractions, just pure knowledge swapping and networking vibes. From career stuff to smashing diversity goals, and even AI tricks, it was all on the table. For any fellow HR and L&D trailblazers, mark the next symposium. It’s like a cheat code for staying ahead in the business jungle. Can’t wait for the sequel!”
Ed Brenac, Head of Team Experience at Winning Group – attendee of the L&D + HR Symposium

Westpac“The most enriching two days with the best and most passionate in the country. The L&D Symposium is not your usual conference – it truly an experience. A carefully curated experience that has the right mix of networking opportunities, think tanks and perspective & knowledge sharing from experts.”
Deepti Sachdeva, Head of Enterprise Capability & Transformation (Culture, Capability and Leadership) at Westpac – attendee of the L&D + HR Symposium

Mirvac“I have been to many conferences and L&D events in my lifetime, but this is definitely the best. Great networking opportunities, chance to learn about best practice L&D, and a great way to informally share knowledge, challenges and experiences with counterparts in other companies.”
Chantelle Mansour, Learning & Organisational Development Manager at Mirvac – attendee of the L&D + HR Symposium

Anglicare“Having attended multiple conferences in Australia and globally this is the ‘One’ conference I would recommend in Australia as an HR/L&D professional. Speakers are, in general, practitioners who share their stories which makes it real. There are plenty of opportunities for questions and networking opportunities abound – a must-attend event. I’ve made it my priority to attend for the past three years.”
Michael Eichler, GM People Projects at Anglicare Sydney – attendee of the L&D + HR Symposium

Cancer Council NSW“Flawlessly executed, the conference offered the perfect balance of high calibre presenters with networking opportunities, and lots of fun.”
Nicole Brown, Head of Services and Operations CISS at Cancer Council NSW – attendee of the Customer 360 Symposium

Sweat“Easily the most considered and well put together conference I’ve ever attended!”
Anthony Russell, Head of Customer Experience at Sweat – attendee of the Customer 360 Symposium

Broadsign“Congratulations to the Ashton Media Team on a fantastic event. This was my third Programmatic Summit and I found it to be the best one yet in terms of content, attendees and overall atmosphere. You’ve raised the bar when it comes to industry events.”
Ben Allman, Head of Sales, ANZ at Broadsign – partner of the Programmatic Summit

2022 events

Optus“This is the epitome for us of success in delighting our customers and be recognised for it.”
Charles Weiser, Digital CXO, Optus – CX Awards 2022 winner for CX Team of The Year

Qualtrics“It was a privilege to support and attend The CX Awards alongside many of our customers and partners to celebrate the best CX programs across the country!”
Michael Heitz, Managing Partner, Qualtrics – partner of the CX Awards 2022 and Shortlister – Best CX Partner

The NRMA“Customer Connect featured a fabulous line up of speakers delivering practical advice and interesting case studies, coupled with great opportunities to network and learn from one another, making it an incredibly worthwhile event.”
Virginia Meikle, Senior Manager Customer Insights, The NRMA – attendee and speaker of the Customer Connect 2022

WooliesX“Really good event with a great mix of networking and sessions on a diverse range of topics around Mar Tech . I find the event a really effective way to catch up with a lot of current and potential partners in a short space of time. it also is always great to hav time to debate and discuss what os going on with colleagues in the industry.”
James Perry, Head of Digital Media, Data & Publisher Growth, WooliesX – attendee of the Marketing Tech Symposium 2022

ABC“The Marketing Tech Symposium is my favourite industry event of the year. Being in the Hunter Valley together for two days allows time for deep, honest conversations which translate into ongoing connections. It’s an experience where I genuinely feel we’re in this together to solve common problems through sharing and collaboration. It makes me quite sentimental and proud to be part of such a great industry.”
Sarah Miles, Privacy Champion, Australian Broadcasting Corporation – attendee of the Marketing Tech Symposium 2022

Optimizely“There’s plenty of events that run through the calendar. This one’s always on our marketing plan. From an ROI perspective, it’s great on so many different levels.”
Simon McDonald, VP of Revenue, ANZ, Optimizely – partner of the Marketing Tech Symposium 2022

Citi“A perfect place to collaborate and network with the Martech brains of the country. The quality of the agenda, authority of the speakers and and execution of the event was top quality. Perfect place to have quality discussions on burning issues impacting the industry.”
Satya Upadhyaya, Former VP Campaign Optimisation, Marketing Capability & Change, Citi – attendee of the Marketing Tech Symposium 2022

InfoSum“A fantastic event bringing the best and brightest of our industry together to discuss the future of Martech in Australia. A can’t miss event, that should be in everyone’s calendar.”
Richard Knott, General Manager ANZ, InfoSum – partner of the Marketing Tech Symposium 2022

Amazon Ads“As always the event delivered both a strong audience and schedule. I’m a big fan of the conference and supporter of Ashton Media as it delivers that hard to reach audience in a setting that enables collaboration and authenticity.”
Craig Bonser, Senior Agency Development Manager ANZ, Amazon Ads, Amazon – partner of the Agency Leaders Symposium

BCM“The event was terrific. It was great to get away for a few days in a room full of smart, interesting people talking about smart, interesting things. Would 100% recommend and will be back next year.”
Dave Mooney, Head of Planning & Strategy, BCM Group – attendee of the Agency Leaders Symposium 2022

Initiative“The agency leader symposium never disappoints. Lots of great connections, a full notebook of outtakes and all round great time. Would definitely recommend.”
Chris Colter, Chief Strategy Officer, Initiative – attendee of the Agency Leaders Symposium 2022

The Media Store“The Agency Leaders Symposium is a chance to network and collaborate with other agency leaders and sponsoring media partners. Being an agency leader can be lonely at times so having this comradery with those who truly understand the highs and the lows is extremely valuable.”
Jacquie Alley, Chief Operating Officer, The Media Store – attendee of the Agency Leaders Symposium 2022

Hilton“Such an absolute pleasure being a part of the L&D and HR Symposium. Without a doubt the best HR event I have attended in Australia. Thank you to the great Ashton Media for asking me to be a part of the facilitation team and for raising the bar for all future events.”
Mary Hogg, Regional HR Director, Hilton (via LinkedIn) – attendee & speaker of the L&D + HR Symposium 2022

nib“The L&D HR Symposium is absolutely the standout People & Culture event of the year. The quality of speakers and attendees is incredibly high, and the Ashton Media team go to incredible efforts to make sure every detail is thought of (thank you!!). It truly is an immersive learning experience, filled with moments for genuine connection and inspiration. This was my second year and it was wonderful to re-connect with peers from last year, and meet so many incredible new people this year. Having the opportunity to bounce & build ideas in this community is truly so unique to a ‘conference’ experience. I feel re-energised after spending two days with so many amazing people and I can not wait for next year.”
Jessica Redman, Group Learning & Organisational Development Manager, nib Group – attendee of the L&D + HR Symposium 2022

TAL“The Customer 360 Symposium continues to be one of the few Customer Conferences that delivers every year. The keynote speakers are always first class and I always leave with some great ideas to take back to my team and the business. A great opportunity to meet some CX leaders, listen to how others are solving day-to-day challenges and unwind in the evening with great discussion.”
Adam Tedeschi, Head of Design, TAL Life – attendee of the Customer 360 Symposium 2022

Qualtrics“The reason why we come back every year is because of the caliber of the attendees. Some really great thoughts and minds come together at this event, combined with all the networking time that you get.”
Vicky Katsabaris, Director of Experience Management Solutions and Strategy, Qualtrics – partner of the Customer 360 Symposium 2022

Aus Red Cross“The quality of the Customer 360 Symposium was exceptional from start to finish. Every detail had been planned well, the presentations covered some valuable topics, and we were very well looked after. The highlight however must be meeting so many exceptional people, sharing ideas and experiences and having more than a few laughs.”
Francesca Meijer, CX Insights Lead, Australian Red Cross – attendee of the Customer 360 Symposium 2022

Hollard“The Customer 360 Symposium is the CX event of the year. It’s a fantastic chance to meet experts in the field, learn about the emerging technologies and sharpen your skills. The location is also terrific and the people you meet fantastic. Thanks Ashton Media, I can’t wait to go again next year.”
Rebel Bailey, Senior Customer Experience Designer, Hollard Insurance – attendee of the Customer 360 Symposium 2022

CHEP“Programmatic Summit is the definitive place to stay informed on the latest changes and evolutions in the Digital Advertising Landscape. Having all the leading software makers, brands, agencies, industry bodies and publishers together in one experience always ensures a diverse mix of informed opinions and perspectives.”
Mark Gretton, Chief Technology Officer, CHEP Tech – speaker of the Programmatic Summit 2022

Spark Foundry“The place to be to hear from a wide range of experts and industry leaders on a wide range of topics from privacy law to programmatic out of home. In a number of spaces with multiple challenges and no one size fits all, events that get all the brilliant minds together to share experiences and learning are paramount for progress.”
Rachida Murray, Former National Head of Digital and Technology, Spark Foundry Australia – attendee of the Programmatic Summit 2022

2021 events

Zenith“The Agency Leaders Symposium is a great opportunity for the Industry’s Leaders to get together and discuss the big issues and opportunities in our industry. Its wonderful spending a couple of days connecting with the smartest and most inspiring minds in our industry.”
Nickie Scriven, CEO, Zenith – attendee of the Agency Leaders Symposium 2021

Google“”My thoughts on the calibre of attendees is you’ve kind of got the cream of the crop here. It’s kind of the folks that are making the largest decisions. I remember last night at the dinner, I was standing in a group of people that controlled probably 80% of the entire ad marketplace in Australia and New Zealand.”
Aaron Boekestein, Head of Agency Business Australia and New Zealand, Google – partner at the Agency Laeders Symposium 2021

nbn“The MarTech Symposium continues to go from strength to strength. This year’s event was a standout for me as I felt it was extremely immersive and engaging with a fantastic variety of short, sharp and relevant presentations. I have come away more informed, more excited and with lasting relationships. Can’t wait for next year already and to share our MarTech journey.”
Mark Kessler, General Manager Digital & CRM, nbn™ Australia – attendee of the Marketing Tech Symposium 2021

Endeavour“What a great event to connect the L&D Community from across the country. The combination of thought provoking guest speakers, networking opportunities with other L&D professionals and time built in for conversation was invaluable to come out of the “bubble” of your work environment and lift up the thinking!”
Simon Wilson, Learning & Development Partner, Endeavour Group – attendee of the L&D Symposium 2021

Foxtel“An engaging event that featured many impactful presentations and speakers. A meaningful networking opportunity is facilitated in the best possible environment.”
Kelly Parmenter, HR Director – Organisational Development & Business Partnering, Foxtel – attendee of the L&D Symposium 2021

nib Group“I am so inspired after spending two days with such a stand-out community of leaders at the L&D symposium. The symposium was brimming with ideas, energy, and thought-provoking questions. It exceeded my expectations and has given me so much to put into action for our 2022 strategy!”
Jessica Redman, Group Learning, Development & Change Manager, nib Group – attendee of the L&D Symposium 2021

Australian Super“A fantastic day hearing insights and real case studies from a diverse range of experienced practitioners and leaders in CX. A great opportunity to meet people or reconnect who are just as passionate about CX as you are, and always take away plenty of great ideas and stories.”

Katrina Harrison, Head of Customer Experience, Australian Red Cross – speaker of the Customer Connect 2021

IKEA“Ashton Media organized an amazing event at a stunning location. Great speakers, engaging moderators and excellent facilities. Highly recommend!”
Christopher Nilsson, Customer Journey Leader, IKEA – speaker of Customer Connect 2021

Jax Tyres and Auto“Great conference and the caliber of the speakers was excellent.”
Steve Grossrieder, CEO, Jax Tyres & Auto – speaker of Customer Connect 2021

MLC Wealth“A fantastic day hearing insights and real case studies from a diverse range of experienced practitioners and leaders in CX. A great opportunity to meet people or reconnect who are just as passionate about CX as you are, and always take away plenty of great ideas and stories.”

Lea Wright, Head of Marketing, Workplace Super, MLC Wealth – attendee of Customer Connect 2021

MRI Software“Customer Connect, you did it again in 2021! Another brilliant event, where I walked away with pages of ideas to implement into our business. I’ve been coming to your events every year and can honestly say, your events have helped me pave the way to being a truly customer-centric business. And even now as an experience CX specialist, I never stop learning at your events. Thank you having such a great impact on my role and our our business.”
Leanne Howard, Senior Manager, Customer Experience, MRI Software – attendee of Customer Connect 2021

Australian Super“The caliber of delegates at the Customer 360 Symposium is definitely the highest of any conference that I attend. I think the seniority comes from the fact that you do get to be away from the office and it’s just an incredible opportunity.”
Christopher Cramond, Head of Analytics, Insights and Measurements, AustralianSuper – attendee of the Customer 360 Symposium 2021

nib Group“Once again another standout event from Ashton. This was one of the best yet. Great content and speakers, the format is the best conference format I’ve come across and definitely make time in my calendar to attend.”
Adam Hatfield, Head of Digital, nib Group – attendee of the Customer 360 Symposium 2021

Fifth Dimension“The Customer 360 Symposium is the number one event for bringing together leaders in insights and CX and a fantastic forum for sharing ideas and networking. Unlike other events there is a greater sense of building a community of people who are passionate in driving better outcomes for customers and to celebrate each others successes.”
Lyndall Spooner, Managing Director, Fifth Dimension Research & Consulting – speaker of the Customer 360 Symposium 2021

Humm Group“The Customer 360 Symposium is at the top of my list for must attend conferences of 2021. This is a superb opportunity to do business while relaxing and enjoying wine and golf. The speakers were a mix of industry celebrities and best in class CX professionals. Fantastic one stop shop to get exposed to the thought provoking and intriguing content and the CX best practices. Alongside the great sessions, invaluable time was spent with my fellows to network, discuss our challenges and build strong relationships. A must do event! ”
Ayelet Mendel-Girin, General Head of Customer Experience, humm Group – attendee of the Customer 360 Symposium 2021

Aussie“Fantastic conference which creates an environment of openly sharing real case studies with deliverables and results from a variety of businesses. Lovely collaboration and spirit of learning throughout all sessions with like-minded, customer-focused attendees. So many take-aways to implement in our business!”
Liz Fowler, Head of Strategy and Customer Experience, Aussie – attendee of the Customer 360 Symposium 2021

Booktopia"“The Customer 360 Symposium is the pre-eminent CX event in Australia. It’s a brilliant opportunity to network with the best in the industry and hear insightful case studies to enrigh your own CX practice.”
Alex Huntley, Head of Customer Experience, Booktopia – attendee of the Customer 360 Symposium 2021

Hesta“The Customer Insights Symposium this year was an absolute game changer. Hearing from thought leaders in the industry, sharing their stories and learning what works has put me in a fantastic position to lead and influence effectively in my own organisation. In particular, hearing how the customer voice influenced rapid and far reaching change for many organisations (and the speed with which they responded), has set an incredible standard for what it means to truly be customer centric. Thanks for a great symposium!”
Benjamin Warren, GM Empowered Intelligence, Hesta – attendee of the Customer Insights Symposium, part of the Customer 360 Symposium 2021

Amobee“The programmatic summit is an exceptional event bringing together some of the greatest minds in digital to share their knowledge. Would highly recommend & will be returning!”
Mark Titley, Business Director, Amobee – attendee of the Programmatic Summit 2021 in Sydney

Nielsen“2021’s Programmatic Summit from Ashton Media addressed the key topics, had great attendance from all the key players and was where people were having the discussions that are important to the industry. A well run and must attend event within the calendar.”
Jonathan Betts, Executive Director, Commercial Growth and Product Strategy, Nielsen – attendee of the Programmatic Summit 2021 in Sydney

2020 events

GroupM“The team at Ashton were bold with their approach to hosting a conference in such unusual times. The content was great, and proved that the show must go on in a safe way!”
Nicola Lewis, Chief Investment Officer, GroupM – attendee of the Agency Leaders Symposium 2020

Inspiring, safe, smart and so so friendly! It was a great few days, it felt almost normal but very responsible normal and who knew that hanging out with people you don’t know could be such a novelty?!
Networking was this time really about talking and engaging with new people face to face. Everyone was happy and easy going and up for a good ol chat and some fun. Thank you for being brave Ashton Media and for keeping us safe.”
Jennifer Shailer, Head of Customer Experience, Australian Red Cross – attendee of the Customer 360 Symposium 2020
(via LinkedIn)

Australian Red Cross“Your team ensured it was a safe environment, we were well looked after and the buzz in the room being able to see people ‘in real life’ was incredible. The virtual activities for those not in the room complemented the in person experience.

A huge shout out to this incredible team who pivoted, flipped and pushed themselves to deliver the extraordinary.”

Belinda Dimovski, Director Engagement and Support, Australian Red Cross – MC and attendee of the Customer 360 Symposium 2020
(via LinkedIn)

Venues NSW“This was a fantastic event, great networking opportunity and great content. Especially appreciated the think tanks and in particular felt the COVID restrictions were handled well as I felt safe to be at a face to face event. Look forward to attending next year and connecting to industry experts.”

Dalveen Singh, Head of Customer Experience Strategy, Venues NSW – attendee of the Customer 360 Symposium 2020

Marketspace“Thank you to the team at Ashton Media for bringing us back together and giving us the opportunity to connect and engage with one another. When we step away from our desks and our daily tasks, we have the opportunity to generate new ideas and converse in deep and meaningful discussions that help us feel more motivated and inspired.”
Zara Hall, Managing Director, Marketspace – attendee of the Customer 360 Symposium 2020

LinkedIn“Feeling energised after attending an in person event for the first time in 6 months. Thank you Ashton Media for being so brave to put on the Agency Leaders Symposium. Every Covid safety measure was upheld to the highest standards and you have shown our industry it can be done. Today’s sessions were honest, optimistic and thought provoking. Incredible diversity in the panels was also appreciated and lastly to be with so many of my colleagues and friends in the industry was just the icing on top! On and up! #AgencySym”

Lara Brownlow. Head of Agency & Channel Sales, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, ANZ – attendee of the Agency Leaders Symposium 2020

(via LinkedIn)

Robert Half“Great event once again Team Ashton Media and all the more impressive you pulled it off during the pandemic. I felt very safe throughout.”
Alan Chapman, Senior Director Of Marketing & Communications – APAC & Canada, Robert Half – attendee of the Marketing Tech Symposium 2020

Outbrain“Ashton Media never disappoints with the calibre of individuals AND brands at their summits, well done. The MarTech event was very informative with some excellent content but also invaluable to have face time with CMO/Head of Tech/GM level people from brands and business like Citi, Menulog, Vodafone, Tourism Australia, Binge, UBank etc. Absolutely worth attending and I highly recommend it!”
Nathan Jackson, Head of Sales, Outbrain Australia Pty Ltd – attendee of the Marketing Tech Symposium 2020

Hardhat“Once again the Agency Leaders Symposium delivered on it’s high calibre of guests, great insights into what’s going on and relevant for agencies today and – even through the hybrid model – it delivered great opportunities to connect with other industry leaders. Congrats Ashton Media!”

Justin Kabbani, MD & Owner, Hardhat – attendee of the Agency Leaders Symposium 2020

The Media Store“Taking the time out of the everyday to reflect, learn and connect was incredibly important, particularly in this current environment. Thank you Ashton Media for enlisting a variety of speakers to challenge, as well as reinforce, our thinking and behaviours as agency leaders as we seek to lead our people and clients with integrity, resilience, vulnerability and inspiration. ”

Jacquie Alley, Chief Operating Officer, The Media Store – attendee of the Agency Leaders Symposium 2020

Zenith Media“Great opportunity to connect with the industry again after such a long time without physical contact. The content was top notch- of special note the keynote speaker was my highlight of the day. However all panel sessions and speakers regardless of whether they were virtual or physical were great, and the energy that Chris Savage provides as the MC is inspiring. Congratulations Ashton Media – no technical hitches + inspiring day – see you next year. ”

Kylie Sneddon, National Marketing and Commercial Director, Zenith Media – attendee of the Agency Leaders Symposium 2020

Unltd“Thank you for putting on the symposium during such challenging circumstances. You always deliver exceptionally valuable events, bring together the most insightful and sharpest minds and I always get such value from attending. Thanks for the platform, we sold our our mental health training events in 30 minutes and have had 3 new enquiries about collaborations on top. Thank you.”

Chris Freel, CEO, Unltd – speaker and attendee of the Agency Leaders Symposium 2020


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