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Vanessa Trower
Breakfast and Opening Comments

Vanessa Trower, Group Learning & Development Manager, GWA Group Ltd.



International Keynote: Upskilling and reskilling to adapt and thrive in changing times

In the wake of the global pandemic, reskilling and upskilling have made their way to the forefront of learning leaders’ agendas. Large-scale digitization due to lockdowns, organizations struggling to keep up with market uncertainties and the rise of automation and artificial intelligence causing widespread job and skill shifts are all factors driving a critical need for well-funded upskilling. In this session, we’ll explore the skills and capabilities of the future, understand what skills are most at risk, the importance of talent retention and the importance of investing in reskilling and upskilling your workforce.


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Storytelling: How to demonstrate ROI with Data Analytic

The last two decades have seen unprecedented technological advancements, and one of the most significant advantages of having so much technology on our hands is its ability to collect data. Now with xAPI, LRS’s, and various data collection and visualisation tools at our disposal, we have more ways than ever to measure the effectiveness of our learning programmes. However, all the data in the world becomes useless if it doesn’t tell a compelling story. 

Join this session to discovers the value of data and how to interpret it. Learn how to translate data analytics into a compelling story to demonstrate the ROI of your learning initiatives to external stakeholders and company executives and how to align corporate objectives with the objectives and strategy of your training function.


Panel Discussion: Creating and Maintaining a culture of learning

Moderator: Vanessa Trower, Group Learning & Development Manager, GWA Group Ltd.
Melitta Hardenberg, Learning and Development Manager, SEEK

GWA Seek
Vanessa TrowerMelitta Hardenberg

Today, more than ever, businesses are realising the importance and value of integrating learning into people’s daily routines and adopting a culture of continuous learning, where learning is an ‘on the job’ and ‘in the flow’ everyday practice. 

Join our expert panelists as they explore innovative ways to cultivating a learning culture. They will discuss how to create and embed a learning culture, how to foster self-driven learning, how to deploy content with agility, how to boost knowledge retention by weaving bite-size, micro-learning opportunities into people’s daily lives, how to support a dispersed or remote workforce through engaging blended learning and how to align the learning culture with business goals.





Debbie Key
How to do more with less?

Debbie Key, Head of L&D, Forty Winks

Forty Winks

With budget cuts and redundancies across the board, there is now more pressure than ever on L&D professionals to wear many different hats and deliver more with less – Less money, less workforce, less resources and less time.

In this session to learn how to do more with less: How to prioritise resources, how to transform at speed and scale, how to maximise the shelf-life of your learning solutions, how to select technology that meets your learning goals, how to build your organisations’ agility to meet unforeseen challenges and how to measure the impact and ROI of your learning initiatives and learn from your mistakes.


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International Keynote: How to drive engagement in a virtual environment

The demand for virtual learning is undeniably on the rise and that too at an unprecedented pace. However, virtual learning solutions lack something fundamental: engagement. Many organisations are discovering that the incidental learning opportunities that come with people interacting in a face-to-face learning environment are missing in a virtual or digital setting and are finding it challenging to drive engagement and interactions when dealing with a remote or dispersed workforce. In this session we will look at innovative ways of delivering highly impactful and engaging learning programmes virtually. Prepare to be inspired and discover how you can select the right tools and strategies to meet your learning goals and upgrade your organisational learning to make it more social, interactive and engaging.


Leadership in times of adversity

This last year, businesses experienced a level of disruption like never before. While 2020 was all about surviving the tsunami of challenges brought forth by the pandemic and staying afloat, the focus has now shifted to finding new and efficient ways of working and future-proofing businesses. This shift in focus has brought L&D leaders to the forefront of recovery and future success. The days of a learning leader only looking at learning and development are long gone. Today, L&D leaders have to be strategic partners to the business and fulfil multiple responsibilities.

In this session we will explore the role of leaders in a crisis, how to become effective coaches and facilitators of learning, how to lead a diverse, hybrid workforce, how to identify the capabilities you need to invest in, and how to use data metrics to quantify the value you produce for your organisation.


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Arun Pradhan
Think Tank 1: Upskilling and reskilling to adapt and thrive in changing times

Arun Pradhan, Learning & Performance Strategist, Model Thinkers

Model Thinkers

It is almost impossible to overstate the value of behavioural change for learning and development functions. Behaviour change is key to improving learning outcomes and productivity. It is no longer sufficient to simply hand out information; it is also crucial to design learning in such a way that it results in long-term behaviour change. In this Think Thank, we will discuss research on habit formation and behavioural change, explore strategies for designing learning solutions to shift behavioural patterns and assess the efficacy of behaviour change techniques.

Ingrid Massey

Think Tank 2: How to build and run inclusive learning programs

Ingrid Massey, Director Learning, Development and Diversity, CBRE


The pandemic, social climate, and political movements of this last year have all led to shifts in how learning leaders should lead, support, and connect with their teams. Organizations worldwide are being called upon to re-evaluate their values, learning programmes, hiring practices, and demographics in order to cultivate fair and progressive workplaces. 

In this Think Tank, we will discuss the value of building a diverse and inclusive learning environment and ways to design learning programmes that are inclusive and accessible to people of all backgrounds and learning styles. We will explore how we can become better informed, unlearn unconscious biases and discuss common pitfalls to avoid along the way. 

Beth Hall

Think Tank 3: Developing organisational and learner resilience

Beth Hall, Head of People Experience & Development, Cotton On Group

Cotton On

The events of the last year turned our worlds upside down. They changed the way we learn, how we interact and how we conduct business. In today’s uncertain world, a resilient learning organization is more critical than ever before, and cognitive science shows that resilience is a trait that can be learnt. 

In this Think Tank, we will discuss the importance of nurturing a resilient workforce, explore the latest insights and tools for building and maintaining resilience, examine characteristics of resilient learning organizations, and discuss strategies for cultivating resilience within your learning organizations and teams.

Think Tank 4: Social Learning and User generated content

As a result of shifting to remote work, many learners today feel increasingly isolated and cut off from their traditional learning communities. Hence, the need to drive social learning is more important than ever. Social learning promotes knowledge sharing and nurtures an online learning community. This, in turn, improves the learners’ emotional and mental well-being, increases productivity and encourages user-generated content. 

In this Think Tank, we will discuss why social learning is essential to futureproofing your L&D strategy, exchange valuable tips for driving and harnessing the power of social networking, collaborative learning and user-generated content and share examples of organisations that are doing this well. 


Panel discussion: Reflecting and planning for the future of learning

Moderator: Vanessa Trower, Group Learning & Development Manager, GWA Group Ltd.


Covid-19 shook the world, leaving no individual, organisation, or country unscathed. Given the drastic events and changes experienced by all this last year, it is vital to reflect on and assess the lessons learned through the crisis and acknowledge the challenges, achievements, and failures experienced along the way. Additionally, with the need to rapidly adapt, learn, and upskill employees to stay relevant, business functions are seeking to understand the future of learning in a post-pandemic world. 

Join our panel of learning experts as they reflect on the impact of Covid-19 on their learning programmes, as well as the challenges they faced and lessons they learned. Learn how the events of the previous year have reshaped their approach to learning, how they remain agile in the face of disruption, their outlook for the future of learning and development and how they are finding new, efficient ways of working and future-proofing their businesses. 


Closing International Keynote

Johannes Lystbaek, L&D Manager, The LEGO Group




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