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Sarah Melrose, Head of Programmatic, Data & Technology, ADMATIC
MC Programmatic Summit



International Keynote : Customer First – Towards A Consistent, Best-In-Class Consumer Experience

Marty Carroll, Global VP Digital Marketing, Electrolux (UK)
Presented by Google Marketing Platform

Marty Carroll is the Global VP of Digital Marketing at Electrolux, a leading home appliance manufacturer whose brands such as AEG, Electrolux, Frigidaire and Westinghouse are sold in 150 markets across the globe.

Two things are irrefutable: consumers are seeking more personalised, relevant and consistent experiences throughout their purchase journey with brands. And technology should be doing the work to deliver these experiences efficiently and effectively (including measurement). Sounds good in theory, however, what does this look like in practice? Marty has been innovating in this space for many years. He will share Electrolux’s path to digital marketing transformation and how Google and other partners have supported him with a full-stack solution focused on the consumer experience.


Ryan Christensen
International Keynote

Ryan Christensen, SVP, Product, Digital Platform, AppNexus, A Xandr Company


Oporto and Optus: A case study on how to turbocharge your data.

Ken Russell, Head of Marketing, CX and Convenience, BWS
David Lo, CEO, The Zoo Republic

Ken RussellDavid Lo

At Craveable Ken Russell launched a DMP, as well as revamped all brand apps and upping its focus on loyalty. Using Salesforce’s marketing cloud offering to aid digital marketing automation and analytics, Ken will explain the importance of a data strategy, where its housed, and accessibility and how he transformed Craveable by linking its loyalty program to its marketing cloud.

He and David will then share a case study on how they linked the Optus Perks L&R platform with Oporto’s L&R together delivering the most successful Optus L&R campaign in Perks history and created big wins and “firsts” for both businesses.


Podcasting and Audio Streaming – The New Kids on the Programmatic Block

Jennifer Stokes, Digital Commercial Platforms Manager, Nova Entertainment
Henrik Isaksson, Country Manager, Acast

Nova and Acast logo
Jennifer StokesHenrik Isaakson

Consumers are listening to more podcasts and audio streaming than ever before and advertisers are keen to engage with this growing audience.  In this session you’ll learn everything you need to know about programmatic podcasting and audio streaming  “the new kids on the programmatic block” including how and where listeners are consuming digital audio, types of programmatic audio inventory, best practice for creative cut through, how to trade audio programmatically,  how to measure campaign success, and global trends.


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How Money Is Extracted From End-Clients By Unscrupulous Service And Technology Providers.

Andrew Hughes, Consultant, Louder

A journey into the murky underworld of many marketing and media services providers’ commercial models for your digital spend.

A showcase of the unfortunate methods and techniques used by some suppliers to extract increased margins from clients. The result? Less budget spent on your media, more funnelled back into your supplier’s business, group or their commercial partners.

This session will explore and classify the different approaches available and share how you as a marketer can mitigate and limit your business risk and exposure to these on-going issues.

Get an in-depth look at common commercial mark-up points that may be currently leveraged by marketing services businesses in the Australian market. A great insight into where your media spend lands.


The Revolution Is Now…Why The Heck Are Marketing Teams Transforming Now?

Kathy Damatopoulos, Manager, Marketing Transformation, Suncorp

With change and disruption a constant, the marketing team is the newest kid on the block transforming. Marketing as a function is being added to the list of organisational, digital and media transformation. 

What does this mean? What’s really changing? and why is it important to understand?  This session will present an overview of the ‘business of marketing’ and why transforming marketing teams is needed to truly be customer led.


How to Make Internet Advertising that Isn’t Annoying.

Kevin Delie, Head of Market Development, TripleLift

With endless amounts of data, measurement, and targeting technology being developed, something has conspicuously been overlooked in the programmatic discussion: creative. Join this session to learn about the 300-year-old advertising rule we’ve all broken, how content is changing while advertising has lagged behind, and how forward-thinking brands and publishers are applying programmatic technology to cutting-edge creative.


When Is Programmatic Going To Grow Up?

Presented by MCN

Over the years programmatic has been an ongoing evolution for brands, publishers and agencies alike, so where does it now sit in today’s new world order and will it live up to its promises?

In this panel discussion, four of Australia’s leading advertising minds will share their insight and programmatic experiences from different sides of the debate.
They’ll tackle the key issues shaping the future of programmatic: agency vs in-house, how to manage the platform dilemma, and how the always evolving nature of programmatic impacts marketers, publishers and traders.


Across all Screens – How to Reconcile Different Behaviour & Tech

Tina Tsang, Associate Director, Customer Success, PubMatic
Amy Jansen-Flynn, Commercial Product Director,
Mitch Waters, Senior Vice President, South-East Asia & ANZ, The Trade Desk
Jonas Jaanimagi, Technology Lead, IAB Australia

Tina TsangAmy Jansen-FlynnMitch WatersJonas Jaanimagi

As programmatic trading evolves away from its origin as a solution for monetising remnant inventory, it has increasingly become ubiquitous as a standard mechanism through which the digital advertising industry can trade as effectively and efficiently as technologically possible. This panel will discuss the opportunities and challenges for us all as we see automation impacting digital advertising across all screens and within every environment.


The Road To Transformation, In-Housing And Why We Did It.

Dominic Powers, CEO, CtrlShift
Robert Lloyd, Consultant, Louder 
Speakers TBC

CtrlShift Louder
Dominic PowersRobert Lloyd

Marketing and Digital Transformation are often bandied around by technology vendors, service providers and clients. What are the two areas, how do they come about in a business maturity cycle, what is their necessity in a modern marketing organisation, and what is the process that is followed to validate the business case.

How are these transformation initiatives changing the relationships between clients and their service providers, and what are the roles of different partners within these transformations?

Why is a brand going in-house with all of their digital marketing and media services NOT a bad thing, and what performance benefits are achievable?


Networking Lunch


Erica Schmidt
International Keynote : The Future of Programmatic

Erica Schmidt, Global CEO, Cadreon (US)

As a global leader in programmatic advertising working with multiple advertisers, Erica will share her views on the status of the industry, vision for programmatic and big bets for the future of the media and advertising landscape. She will showcase best-in-class Ad-Tech work and discuss some of the industry headwinds with their implications for marketers and agencies. As data moves up the marketing funnel, Erica will also discuss how programmatic is positioned at the intersection of data-enabled capabilities and investment, as well as how data and technology have transformed the new business pipeline and pitch process. Does the name ‘Programmatic’ truly capture its capabilities into the future?


The Future Is Consolidated: Brands Taking Back Ownership Of The Tech Stack And In-Housing It Long Term.

Niko Conner, Director of Accounts, North America, MightyHive (US)

The session will cover the challenges of building a successful in-house marketing organisation, including recruiting, hiring, training, and managing a team of professionals. MightyHive has experience working with brands of many different sizes who fall on different sides of the spectrum of control – Niko will discuss how an in-house team, an advertising agency, and a media consultancy like MightyHive can all work in harmony to lower costs and drive performance.


Converging Programmatic And TV: It’s Time To Rethink The Mechanics

Sarah Keith, Managing Director, Publicis Media Exchange
Krish Raja, Platform Director, AMOBEE

Sarah KeithKrish Raja

In this session, Amobee and Publicis explore some of the current issues facing our industry as we move towards the true convergence of TV, online video and programmatic. How did we get to a place where the technology mismatches the required business outcomes? Are auctions the future for TV? And how can we best marry technology to business goals to achieve the best outcome for all?


Why Your Vendor/Agency Meetings Aren’t Working

Paromita Mitra, Head Of Digital Marketing, HP Omnichannel
Carolyn Miller, Director, The Honeycomb Effect & Panelist, Gruen
Karen Halligan, Head of Media Advisory Consulting, KPMG
Sebastian Graham, Head of Media Performance, Verizon Media

Paromita MitraCarolyn MillerKaren HalliganSebastian Graham

Every day thousands of hours are being wasted in pointless meetings. It’s not that anyone is setting out to waste this time – it’s simply that the meetings are doomed to fail before they have begun. Sales reps are not asking the right questions to get to the bottom of what agencies want, and agencies, in turn, aren’t forthcoming with what they want.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Join a panel of experts from all sides of the ecosystem for a full and frank discussion about where we are all going wrong, and how we can fix the problems.


Be Prepared! Changing Industry Standards in 2019

Yun Yip, Country Manager, MediaMath
James Diamond, Managing Director ANZ, IAS
Poppy Hill, Head of Programmatic ANZ, InMobi
Jonas Jaanimagi, Technology Lead, IAB Australia

IAB Australia
Yun YipJames DiamondPoppy HillJonas Jaanimagi

As automated trading becomes more standardised, the applicable best practices required to deliver desirable business outcomes whilst still also enabling transparency, efficiency and more responsible behaviour are evolving. The industry is upgrading from mutually agreed standards to a more collaborative open-source approach with industry-standard software sitting within technology platforms that cannot be avoided or worked around. This panel will review some examples of what this currently looks like, the benefits and requirements – and what else we can expect to see over the next 12-18 months.


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Changing the Channel: Video advertising in a world of CTV

Hayley Cameron, Digital Commercial Manager, SBS
Pat Danahy, DV360 Inventory Partnerships Lead, Google
Adam Coulter, Head Of Platform and Capabilities, Omnicom Media Group
Juliette Stead, Senior Vice President, APAC, Telaria

SBS Google Omnicom Telaria logo
Hayley CameronPat DanahyAdam CoulterJuliette Stead

This session will be an awareness session on the different types of advanced TV. We will take this opportunity to give the audience a solid grounding in the different technologies and terminologies behind ATV.


How Will Amazon Media Group’s Arrival Impact The Local Landscape?

Tim Whitfield, CTO, Burst SMS
Salomé Millmore, National Head Of Social Media, Mindshare
Jason White, SVP & GM Programmatic, CBS (US)

SBS Google Omnicom Telaria logo
Tim WhitfieldSalome MillmoreJason White

This session will be a future forecasting session based on what it means that Amazon will be launching in Australia. Australia often gets compared to Canada in size and maturity. It’s interesting to know that Amazon Canada makes $7B USD a month in product sales. It may be a game changer when Amazon Media launches in Australia in April 2019.


Stephen Hunt - Universal Music Group
Start Me Up: The Journey of a Media Start-up Within a Multi-national

Steve Hunt, Managing Director, Universal Music

Universal Music Group

In July of 2017, Universal Music Group used 3 media agencies and more external creatives than anyone could quantify. The decision to build in-house capabilities saw instant results with ~40% efficiency gains in media buying coupled with internal content creation capabilities that allowed the marketers to iterate on advertising and content marketing strategies. Control of the programmatic pipes has driven improvements throughout the organisation. The team has grown from 2-8 in 18 months and the proof is now in the pudding as Universal Music can track its
highest ever market share as it pulls away from the other major labels.


Publisher Survival in a Triopoly Driven World

Jason White, SVP & GM Programmatic, CBS (US)

CBS’ SVP and Head of Programmatic, Jason White will address the many challenges that Digital Publishers are facing today, living in world that is dominated by a few large entities. New strategies are emerging that will enable Digital Publishers to not only survive, but thrive. We will discuss:

1. Website optimizations: new ways of thinking in terms of ad and web design that increase Sessions/Visit while also driving a higher RPV

2. OTT Video Expansion and Original Content Creation: As more time spent is shifting to over the top platforms like Roku, Apple and Fire, how can publishers increase their content footprint and capture more of the advertising pie?

3. The Next Evolution of Header Bidding: Discuss the pros and cons of bid caching and how if done properly, all sides win

4. Identity and Data: How we thrive in a post GDPR world and the role a common industry identity can play to safely sharing consensual user data


Closing Keynote: 2019, Navigating the increasing challenges of the digital ecosystem

Jessica Miles, Director, Integral Ad Science

Integral Ad Science

This session will delve into the controversial. It is a candid session that will discuss the rebirth of contextual targeting to the death of the cookie. It will discuss the challenges of algorithms selecting what content we view and what this means for us as consumers. It will question why the industry has been constantly dodging the persuasive illusions of computational propaganda. It’s a must-attend for the marketers who are looking to navigate the fast-changing digital ecosystem.


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