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This carefully crafted program combines inspiring keynotes with informal activities and time to build real relationships.

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Raj Sivasubramanian
International Keynote

Raj Sivasubramanian, Voice of Customer Program Manager, Airbnb (US)

Airbnb logo

We live in an experience economy where 41% of consumers are willing to pay up to 20% more for an impressive experience, and 1/3 of consumers will walk away from a brand because of one bad experience. Yet a recent Forbes article reported a not-so-stellar year for CX in 2019 with only “some small gains, widespread stagnation, and no real leaders”. How can this be true when have instant access to big data and insights from consumer preferences and experiences, and we have the specific knowledge that experience can overtake price and product as a key brand differentiator. In this world of technology and tools we live in today, there is no good reason for CX to stall out. Perhaps we have begun to rest on our laurels. Or have we just become really great at deploying and managing survey programs and scoreboards while losing our focus to drive and impact change. In this keynote session, Jim Bass will share his experiences getting companies to confront cultural barriers and unite leaders to get back on track. Don’t let the nuts and bolts of CX undermine its potential. It’s time to take back the reigns of CX leadership and improve the lives of our customers and employees.


Darren Bowman
Partner Keynote: Back to the Future – Reflecting on the Experience Management Trends of 2020

Darren Bowman, Experience Management Advisor, Medallia


Every year customer experience is becoming more prominent but in 2020, Experience Management (XM) will get smarter. The great experience-builder Walt Disney said, “Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future.”

To keep up with customers, you need to tackle today’s pain points – but that’s not enough. How are you envisioning the experience that customers will enjoy tomorrow – and use today to build it? What will set your business apart and ultimately help your company move at the speed of experience?

Today we travel forward in time to look back at the ways that XM programs have evolved over the past year. Join Darren Bowman, Medallia’s XM Advisor, to explore how leading-edge companies have been changing their XM programs to win hearts, minds and… dollars!


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Andy Dorey

Transforming Customer Experiences to Help People Get Their Lives Back

Andy Dorey, Customer Experience Manager, EML

Founded in 1910, EML is a national personal injury claims management mutual who are focused on helping people get their lives back from workplace injury and illness. Positively engaging injured workers and their employers in the workers compensation journey is critical in supporting their return to work outcomes and helping them improve their lives.

In this session, Andy Dorey – National Manager of Customer Experience at EML – will share how they have transformed their approach to customer experience to help people in Australia get their lives back, by placing their customers at the heart of everything they do and enhancing their ability to listen and act on customer and employee feedback.


Lyndall Spooner

Track #1
Partner Breakout: Winning and Losing in CX: Have You Ever Asked Yourself If You Are Investing in the Right CX Metric?

Lyndall Spooner, Managing Director, Fifth Dimension (5D)

Fifth Dimension

The CX industry is projected to double in value in just 5 years to $14.5 billion USD. Yet with all that investment, there has never been a way to assess the efficacy of a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program or provide robust evidence of an alternative approach that could drive a greater financial return.

With all the investment and increasing reliance on CX to drive growth, have you ever asked yourself, ‘How did the organisation choose our CX metric?’

At 5D we have been working with many of Australia’s largest organisations for over 10 years to design and build innovative VoC programs and advise on the right CX metric.

We will share

What is the best CX metric? – A review of 8 commonly used CX metrics and their relative strengths and weaknesses

How do you optimise your CX data architecture? – An introduction to the CX ecosystem that links your strategic and touchpoint programs

How do you prove your VoC program ROI? – Building an engagement process where stakeholders have joint responsibility to quantify the benefits of CX initiatives

Simon Bowker
Track #2
Partner Breakout: A World Beyond CRM – How to Deliver Better End-to-End Customer Service to Drive Better Customer Experiences

Simon Bowker, Digital Transformation, Customer & Employee Experience, Business Leader, ServiceNow

Service now

Customer Service is about more than just omnichannel engagement. Your frontline teams don’t have all the answers and most of the ‘magic’ happens in the middle office. Yet your front office teams aren’t connected to middle and back-office teams. Customer service is a team sport and you need to unite work teams across the organization to resolve issues faster.

For many companies, customer experience is broken. Your customers are frustrated by slow response times and problems that aren’t truly fixed, whilst your agents suffer from disconnected tools and little assistance to help them solve problems.

That’s where ServiceNow is different. By leveraging case management powered by digital workflows, you help expose customer issues to the entire organisation through to service operations. Service operations (also known as a middle office) goes beyond customer engagement, beyond that initial interaction, and connects the customer issue back to the department that can address it. In addition, as services become increasingly digital and IoT-enabled, field service completes the end-to-end connection with customers.

Join this session to understand how ServiceNow empowers all parts of your organization – including front and middle office – to deliver better customer experience.


The Customer-Centric Transformation: How Do You Take a 193-Year-Old Organisation Into the 21st Century?

Richard Spencer, Chief Customer Officer, Business Australia

At 193 years old, the NSW Business Chamber is the second oldest, continually running organisation in Australia, with vastly different customer expectations and behaviours now compared to when the organisation started. In this Keynote, Richard Spencer, Chief Customer Officer at NSW Business Chamber, will be giving us an exclusive insight into their work to redesign and redevelop the entire organisation from a customer point of view, including a completely new business model, bringing it into the 21st century fit for the modern customer.


Ben Sharp
Track #1
Partner Breakout: How to Achieve CX Excellence by Optimising Data Readiness

Ben Sharp, Regional Sales Director, Data & Personalisation, Salesforce


Real-time personalisation that transforms the customer experience is the marketer’s top goal. However, most marketers still struggle with data silos, disparate systems, 3rd party privacy rules, and budget constraints. Join this session to learn how digitally mature companies are assembling the building blocks in managing their data and content in order to deliver real-time personalised conversations that help build the foundation for CX excellence.

Trevor Doornbos
Track #2
Partner Breakout: Reimagine CX: Go Beyond NPS to Leverage Feedback

Trevor Doornbos, Country Manager (Australia & New Zealand),


With the growing prevalence and importance of online reviews and social media, NPS may no longer be enough to determine your future success. A high NPS measures the quality of a company’s relationships with current customers — but what about profitable organic growth? Although a low NPS score may alert you to a problem, without the details, it’s difficult to take action. You’ll still have to dig deeper to determine the root cause of the customer’s dissatisfaction.

By capturing and analysing unstructured data contained in online reviews, you can begin to understand how your customers perceive you at a much more granular level. And, you can identify and address service issues quickly, before they lead to customers writing negative reviews.

Online Reputation Management (ORM) platforms provide at-a-glance access to all online reviews from all of the key sites on a single dashboard. With this level of insight, you can take immediate, targeted action to improve the customer experience and increase your ability to get found and chosen in search. You may even be able to re-imagine CX in new ways that delight your customers and give you an even bigger competitive edge.

This presentation will explore:

What it takes to get found and chosen by consumers who increasingly turn to Google and other online resources for information about brands.

How to gain actionable insights from customer feedback across multiple sources and touchpoints and use them to improve and even re-imagine CX.

How large, multi-location enterprises are realizing substantial ROI from proactive reputation management.


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The Great Debate: Is NPS Still Fit for Purpose?

Elyssia Clark, Head of Customer Insights and Strategy, SEEK
Amanda Rasch, Global Customer Experience Manager, Expedia Group
Fernando Samaha, Head of Customer Experience, Australia Post
Adam Novak, Head of Group Customer Experience and Operational Excellence, nib

Elyssia ClarkAmanda RaschAdam Novak

As businesses continue to place greater emphasis on CX as a cornerstone of business strategy, understanding and measuring the impact of customer experience transformation and strategy is crucial. NPS has long been the industry frontrunner in measuring the impact of our CX efforts and is often deeply embedded in business strategy, financial targets and KPIs, but as CX continues to evolve and with the development of CX measurement alternatives, is NPS still fit for purpose?

In the Customer 360 Symposium’s first-ever live-debate, two teams will go head to head to try to persuade you as to whether or not NPS is still fit for purpose and the merits of NPS versus other CX measurement tools and techniques.

No Powerpoint slides allowed, it’s just the time-honoured art of debating and persuasion. The live audience will be polled before and after the debate to determine who made the most compelling argument. The real winner, of course, is the industry, who will hear in-depth arguments for both sides of the conversation.


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Sean Hall
Workshop: How EX Affects CX – A Data-Driven Approach to Building Competitive Advantage

Sean Hall, Founder, Energx


Research proves that your CX is a product of your EX. Companies that create great EX can reduce complexity, stimulate collaboration, innovate faster, bring products to market quicker and ultimately create better CX. They also grow 1.5x faster, pay better, produce more than double the revenue, and are 4 times more profitable.

In this interactive workshop you’ll learn:

– The role of positive psychology, neuroscience, flexibility, psychological safety and mental wellbeing in creating the conditions for great CX design and delivery.

– The four forces of competitive advantage for the fourth industrial revolution

– A data-driven approach to understanding whether your people are ready for change, agile and transformation

– How to benchmark your organisation

– How to apply your CX skills to become an EX leader


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Partner Keynote: Move Over CX. It’s All About XM now

Vicky Katsabaris, Head of Customer XM, Qualtrics APJ
Philip Bland, Customer Insights Manager, Service NSW

Vicky KatsabarisPhillip Bland

2020 is changing the rules of business – from unforeseen global and national crises through to the rise of purpose-driven consumers. In this new era of change and uncertainty, a great customer experience (CX) is more than simply delighting customers – it’s how your brand is perceived, the happiness of your employees, and whether your products are the best on the market.

This new state of play is why the future of great CX is Experience Management (XM). Understanding everything that is important empowers you to deliver meaningful, efficient, and tailored CX that adds to the bottom line. But don’t just take our word for it – look at the results.

We’ll cover more than trends when we’re joined by Service NSW to explore how one of the country’s most digitally advanced government agencies are making the lives of citizens in NSW easier with XM. You’ll also get one of the first insights nationally into how Service NSW is using XM to support Australia’s bushfire response.


Michael Henderson
International Keynote: Connecting Company Culture, to Customer Value Proposition and Experience

Michael Henderson, Corporate Anthropologist, Cultures at Work

In an age of big data, A.I, human-centred design, automation, immersive brands, digital media, and real-time customer experience touchpoint mapping, it is easy to overlook company culture as a prime source for the delivery of high-quality customer experience. In his insightful keynote, Corporate Anthropologist Michael Henderson will remind us all of the importance of connecting our company culture to customer experience. Michael’s research has confirmed that nine out of ten organisations do not optimise their company culture in its ability to contribute to achieving business objectives and customer expectations.

Specifically, Michael will challenge us to revisit our fundamental understanding of culture to ensure we are not missing these multiple opportunities including;

-How to avoid the biggest universal mistake most organisations make when thinking about, and planning for, their cultures alignment to strategy and CX

-Do we know what culture actually is and what it does?

-Do we understand the two vital cultural deliveries that impact customer experience?


Track #1
Partner Breakout

InMoment FormerlyMCX

Session details TBA

Steve Nuttall
Track #2
Partner Breakout: The Customer Experience Maturity Journey

Dr Steve Nuttall, Director, Fifth Quadrant

Fifth Quadrant

Steve will present the highlights from Fifth Quadrants recently completed assessment of customer experience maturity in Australian organisations, sponsored by Verizon Australia. The presentation will show the different stages of Customer Experience maturity addressing questions such as:

– What organisations are performing best with their CX offering?

– What elements of CX have the greatest impact on the experience as a whole?

– How are organisations measuring the success of their CX strategy?

– What are the key priorities for improving their CX performance in the future?


Coffee Break & Networking


Elyssia Clark
Think Tank 1: You’ve Got a CX Strategy. Now What?

Elyssia Clark, Head of Customer Insights and Strategy, SEEK

So, you’ve put together your CX strategy for the business; you have your direction laid out and you know your goals for the customer and for the organisation. But now comes the hard part – actually implementing that strategy. This Think Tank will explore what steps we can take, once we have our CX strategy laid out, to build momentum throughout the organisation and make positive change for our customers.

Think Tank 2:What Does It Take to Establish a Truly Customer-Led Culture?

Tina Morrell, GM Customer Value Proposition, The NRMA

NRMA logo

Customer experience lives and dies in our employees, but shifting our culture and establishing a customer-first mentality across the organisation can be a huge undertaking. In this Think Tank, we’ll discuss what it really takes to establish a customer-led culture as an organisation, and how as advocates of the customer, we can take the rest of the business on the CX transformation journey with us.

Think Tank 3: Bringing Innovation in CX – Keeping up With the Pace of Change

Nigel Roberts, Managing Partner, Yell

In line with the advent of new technologies and ways in which consumers can interact with the brands of their choosing, customers’ expectations are evolving at a rapid rate. This Think will explore some of the ways in which we can create a culture of innovation in our organisations to ensure that the experiences we’re delivering are keeping up with that pace of change.

Think Tank 4: Using Our Data More Effectively to Drive Great CX

Ant Dureau, Chief Client Officer, AMP

AMP logo

Most of our businesses are inundated with the amount of data we have about our customers and how they interact with us. But, how do we use that data most effectively to evolve our CX? In this Think Tank, we’ll discuss the opportunities and challenges businesses in face in better collecting, leveraging and harnessing customer data to supercharge their customer experiences.


Humanising the Customer Experience: How Hollard Insurance Demonstrates That It Truly Cares About Its Customers

Amanda O’Donnell, Head of Customer Experience, Hollard Insurance

On their mission to humanise the customer experience in an industry under scrutiny, Hollard Insurance have been empowering their people to create better customer outcomes – and put people before profit. In this session, Amanda O’Donnell, Head of Customer Experience and Marketing at Hollard Insurance, will shed some light on this award winning initiative, uncovering how they’ve created the systems, processes and culture to empower their teams to exercise good judgement, and show that they truly care about the customer. 


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