CX Symposium 2021
CX Symposium


This carefully crafted program combines inspiring keynotes with informal activities and tandreime to build real relationships.

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Belinda Dimovski, Director Engagement and Support, Red Cross Australia


Stanford Swinton
International Keynote: Building a World Class Care Organisation from the Ground Up

Stanford Swinton, VP Global Customer Care and Experience, Deliveroo (UK)


The events of 2020 accelerated trends in customer expectations that have permanently raised the bar on how companies must engage with and care for their customers. The ability for companies to respond to these changing expectations will either contribute to or erode significant company value in customer sentiment, loyalty and brand equity.

In this session, we’ll hear from Stanford Swinton, the VP Global Customer Experience and Care at Deliveroo, as he shares why customer care matters for Deliveroo, how Deliveroo is responding to changing customer expectations in the current environment, what it takes to build and accelerate a world class customer service culture, and how Deliveroo is putting customers’ needs and expectations at the centre of customer care to deliver real and tangible results.


Partner Keynote: How to Design and Improve Customer Experience in a Post-Pandemic World

Vicky Katsabaris, Director of Experience Management Solutions and Strategy, APJ


After 12 months of huge disruption, it’s time to shift the focus to how businesses can understand and delight the new type of customers and employees that have emerged during the pandemic. Because we know needs and behaviours have changed forever. Now we need to urgently be doing something about it.

Join Qualtrics to discover how the leaders in customer experience can help you rapidly design the products and experiences people want right now, and then continuously improve them. Qualtrics will explore how organisations can evolve their CX programs to keep ahead of rapidly changing expectations, and showcase how it is transforming the future of CX with its Experience Management Operating System.


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Partner Keynote: Debunking Customer Trust: It Won’t Grow Your Brand, but Demonstrating Customer-Centricity Will

Lyndall Spooner, Managing Director, Fifth Dimension Research & Consulting


Brand trust is one of the most common metrics in brand health tracking studies. It influences marketing strategies and informs marketing and executive teams on the strength of the brand’s relationship with customers and the broader market.

Recently, it is a metric to receive an enormous amount of attention as everyone laments the loss of trust in politicians, the financial sector, tech companies, churches, aged care and so on. And in response, we see reports highlighting the most trusted brands, implying these brands will best weather the current situation.

But what does ‘brand trust’ really measure? Are trusted brands more competitive? Will increasing trust grow your revenue? Or should you focus your time and effort on other metrics?

We will present the results of two robust investigations into the strengths and weaknesses of brand trust as a predictive business metric vs other consumer business metrics.

Get ready to have your opinions challenged!


Liz Fowler
Start with Your Why: Aussie’s CX Transformation Journey

Liz Fowler, Head of Strategy and Customer Experience, Aussie


Starting a CX transformation is a daunting but necessary undertaking, often requiring a total overhaul of strategy, governance, operations and culture. So, when starting out on this journey, how can you set yourself up for success from the start? And how do you make sure it continues after you’ve completed the overhaul?

Aussie have been on an incredible journey to transform their customer experience over the past 2 years, and in this session we’ll explore the importance of starting with ‘why’ and setting up a system of their journey to customer-centricity to drive real change. Liz Fowler, Aussie’s Head of Strategy and Customer Experience will share how they came to realise their business, how this translates for both customers and employees, and how they continue to embed this purpose and customer-centricity across the organisation to elevate the customer experience.


Panel: Driving a Customer-Centric Culture – The Decentralisation of CX or a Centre of Excellence?

Belinda Dimovski, Director Engagement and Support, Red Cross Australia
Dianne Morgan, Director, Guest Experience, Accor
Luka Popovac, Head of Customer Experience, McDonald’s
Emma Wu, Head of Member Experience, PEXA

BelindaDi MorganLuka PopovacEmma Wu
AU Red Cross Accor Mcdo Pexa

In our quest to drive business-wide customer-centricity, how do we best structure our businesses to build capability and to drive the CX agenda internally? Should CX sit as a stand-alone centre of excellence, or should CX be decentralised with a CX champion in each department? Join our panellists for this insightful discussion, as they share how they operate their CX function internally to instil customer-centricity and empower the whole organisation to elevate the customer experience.


Jason Bradshaw
Top 10 CX Trends for 2021

Jason S Bradshaw, CEO, Power of CEX

Jason S Bradshaw will predict the top 10 CX trends for 2021

Jason has led business growth and transformation across 7 different industries at some of the most recognizable brands like Telstra, Volkswagen and Target just to name a few.

In this session Jason S Bradshaw will provide his view on the top 10 CX trends for 2021 and challenge you to take action to fill the experience gap.


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Louise Lysaght
Keeping a Finger on the Pulse and Taking Rapid Insights to Action: How HotDoc Supported the Healthcare Industry During a Pandemic

Louise Lysaght, Head of Customer Experience, HotDoc


Many industries changed radically in early 2020, but arguably none more so than the healthcare sector which, as a crucial cornerstone in the response to the pandemic, was forced to adapt at rapid speed.

In this session, we’re joined by CX Awards winner Louise Lysaght, Head of CX at HotDoc, as she shares with us the extraordinary lengths they went to meet the needs of the 18,000 doctors and 6 million patients who use HotDoc, while prioritising their safety above all else.

Louise will share how they harnessed the insights they had to rapidly adapt and bring new features and products to market, sometimes in as little as 48 hours, as well as the feedback loop and content strategies that were pivotal in their approach to supporting their customers during this turbulent time.


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Workshop: Keeping It Simple, but Making It Count: How Can We Use Our CX Data More Effectively?

Virginia Meikle, Senior Manager Consumer Insights and Segmentation, The NRMA

the NRMA

We don’t always need to spend thousands of dollars on the latest tools and technologies to harness leverage the data we already have. In this workshop, we’ll experiment with practical tips and tricks for using your CX data more effectively to find insights and build stories, plus ways to engage stakeholders and create action. This workshop will be a combination of discussion and hands on learning, covering:

-Ways you can use the resources at your fingertips to create linkages in your CX data to help surface insights and drive change

-Navigating areas like text analytics, emotion, and sentiment

-Bringing your insights to life

-Creating “buy in” from your key stakeholders (who, when, how)

-Inspiring action and measuring outcomes

Virginia will draw from her experience spanning more than 25 years in the insights industry, including examples that led to the NRMA being nominated as a finalist in multiple categories of the CX Awards over the past 2 years, including Best Use of Data and Insights, Best EX, and Best CX Initiative.


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Hayley Ward
International Keynote: The Digital Transformation of CX at M&S – Creating a Relevant M&S Experience for 30 Million Customers

Hayley Ward, Head of CX, Digital and Data, Marks and Spencer (UK)

Marks & Spencer

Is it possible to create a relevant and personalised experience for each of your 30 million customers? Marks and Spencer think so!  

In this international keynote, Hayley Ward, Head of CX, Digital and Data at Marks and Spencer, a loved UK heritage brand, will share their journey as they strive to become a global, digitally and data-enabled business. By better harnessing and utilising the data they have, they’re working to better support how their customers want to shop and engage with them, creating a more relevant and personalised experience for each customer. 

We’ll explore investment in capability, a new CX measurement framework, culture change to be outcome focused and the critical role the Sparks Loyalty programme plays to make M&S more relevant, more often – across Fashion, Homeware and Food.


Melissa Simpson
Keynote: Old People Do Tech!…..“Omni Channel, Voice Activation, Co-Design” – Bring It On

Melissa Simpson, Chief Customer Officer, Feros Care


Many perceive seniors to be non tech-savvy and resistant to change. Feros Care has for the last 30 years worked hard to smash those ageist stereotypes. Learn how they support, teach and challenge their customers to be independent, safe and tech-confident. Feros Care’s customer co-designed technology innovation has delivered life-changing experiences for seniors and those living with a disability. Melissa Simpson, Feros Care’s Chief Customer Officer, will describe how this award-winning innovation has integrated an omni-channel contact centre, voice-activation, and customer co-design to bring control and quite frankly fun back into the lives of their customers. Who knew!


Intuit QuickBooks – Creating a Culture to Move from Measurement to Action

Scott Downing, Director International Customer Experience Management, Intuit
Gabrielle Dracopoulos, Head of Customer Experience, Intuit

Scott DowningGabrielle Dracopoulos

In a world where most organizations are not short of data, Intuit QuickBooks are building out its program so that it can better predict customer behaviours, prevent less than perfect experiences, and improve the current exceptional product and service experiences that it provides to its customers across the globe. They are doing this not only through technology but also building on its deep-rooted heritage of putting the customer first to resolve and predict customer effort. Intuit’s agile product testing, Design for Delight methodology and technology are all being joined to accelerate rapid experimentation to remove customer and employee effort.

In this presentation, we’ll hear how, by prioritising the actions taken, Intuit Quickbooks is building the next level of its customer experience. International teams are focused on improving specific aspects of the customer experience with learnings shared through a global playbook. We’ll explore how they are utilising custom-built and intuitive dashboards to ensure that leaders across the business can understand the impact of the experiences delivered, with learnings and frameworks also being applied across employee, brand, and product experience.


Coffee Break & Networking


Justin Lee
Think Tank 1: Are You Harnessing the Potential of Customer Journey Analytics?

Justin Lee, Ex Director of Customer Experience, Expedia

Surveys have long been an important part of understanding how the customer interacts with and feels about our brand and the experience we deliver, but how can we better leverage other data sources, such as operational and transactional data, to elevate the customer experience?

In this Think Tank we’ll discuss the value of customer journey analytics, exploring how they can complement and sometimes even replace the need to survey customers for insights and experience measurement, and better leverage them to drive operational improvements and identify at-risk customers earlier.

Sam Tewater
Think Tank 2: Elevating the Employee Experience; the Driver of an Exceptional Customer Experience

Sam Tewater, Senior Manager Customer Experience, The NRMA

Our employees, whether strategic planners behind the scenes or those on the frontline talking to our customers on a daily basis, are a key driving force behind our ability to deliver an exceptional customer experience. But with the way we work shifting dramatically in the past 12 months, adapting to life working from home and managing a largely remote workforce has meant that we’ve had to find new ways to champion, engage and empower our employees.

In this Think Tank, we’ll discuss the challenges we face in creating an exceptional employee experience that translates into great CX; the ways in which we can continue to empower our employees; how we can truly measure the impact of great EX on the customer experience.

Jodie Bradford
Think Tank 3: Leveraging Emerging Tech to Connect with Customers in New Ways

Jodi Bradford, Group Customer Experience Manager, nib

With the events of 2020, we’ve been forced to reconsider how we connect with our customers, and find new, digitally enabled ways to create meaningful and relevant customer experiences as behaviours and priorities shift.

In this Think Tank, we’ll look at the landscape of emerging technologies, and how we can better utilise those technologies to connect with both existing and new customers in ways that elevate the customer experience, from allowing us to deliver more timely and personalised experiences to how tech is allowing us to gather feedback in new ways.

Nigel Roberts
Think Tank 4: What Does the CX Growth Agenda Look Like in a Post-Covid World?

Nigel Roberts, Managing Partner, Yell

While many of us have spent the past 12 months trying to create an exceptional customer experience that retains customers and builds long-term loyalty, as the situation begins to stabilise and with economic recovery underway, we can now start to once again focus on driving our growth.

In this Think Tank, we’ll discuss the CX growth agenda, and what this looks like for each of us in a post-COVID world.


Anna Lorenzetto
An Outside-In Approach to CX, Enabled by a Future Ready Team

Anna Lorenzetto, Divisional Manager, Customer Experience, Yarra Valley Water

Yarra Valley Water

When thinking about your CX strategy over the next 5 years, it’s so important to ensure that you have the right mindsets, knowledge sets and skillsets in your team to be able to deliver on that vision.

In this session, we’ll explore how Yarra Valley Water, winner of the Team of the Year at The CX Awards, gets ahead of what’s to come in CX by leveraging a unique internal structure, and by championing an outside-in approach to customer-centricity. We’ll explore the critical roles that research and design play for their team in identifying opportunities and delivering solutions, and how their unique approach allows them to integrate everything below the line while designing above the line. 


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