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Insights To Action – Finding The Customer Lifecycle Mother Lode


Many organisations gauge customer experience across each stage of the customer lifecycle; but how many turn insights into tangible actions to mine customer experience gold?

Scott will discuss the importance of an organisation taking a holistic view of customer experience lifecycle from finding, acquiring and servicing customers through to retaining and growing their business. Specifically exploring:

  • Why benchmarking against your competitors could be a fatal mistake.
  • Why the customer lifecycle is not just fool’s gold.
  • Understanding the value of aligning customer and organisational expectations throughout the lifecycle.
  • Who needs to own the overall customer experience lifecycle and where they should start prospecting.
  • The importance of aligning the end-to-end customer experience with your brand positioning.
  • Understand what nuggets of information you already have and make them work for you.
  • Which data collection mechanisms are the most appropriate at each stage to facilitate actionable insights.
  • And finally, how to turn your insights into actions and strike it rich!

Scott McMillan, General Manager – Business Consulting, Salmat

See full agenda for session time