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Breaking Through the Barriers to Successful Website Performance


Today’s digital world demands more from all of us. We need to tick boxes across numerous touch points – with everything working together.

With all the marketing technologies and platforms we have on hand, there is one very important platform at the centre of it all – your website. Almost every marketing dollar you spend is ultimately directed toward the same desired outcome – to drive traffic to your website and increase conversions. Your website personifies what your brand stands for and is certainly worthy of your investment.

Almost every industry is experiencing digital disruption, an increase in aggressive and agile competitors and a plethora of unique business challenges that comes along with it. This brings an increasing need to become more customer experience driven as a key differentiator.

After all, what’s the point in spending all those marketing dollars on paid search, advertising and activities to drive traffic to your website if they arrive, only to then disappear? Whether your conversion goal is purchasing a product, downloading content or something uniquely important to your business, it takes marketing insights and a CX focus to get you there.

So what is stopping marketers from achieving better CX through optimised website performance?

Successful website performance is not only valuable insights and measurable data, but it also requires active participation and collaboration across departments. It can be quite a demanding expectation! Especially when you consider some of the common challenges such as; small teams, time management, the complexity of tasks, collaboration challenges, integration and technical skill levels of individuals.

Without proper visibility into every aspect of your website, errors continue to slip through the cracks, SEO takes a dive, prioritisation is impossible, and measuring success is an uphill battle. It’s a challenge that can’t be ignored.

The reality is that a manual process is a time-consuming process and in the long run can’t sustain a successful website. That’s where technology can lend a hand. Siteimprove’s Managing Director, Jay Mahoney explains further, “Siteimprove website performance technology helps organisations, with a smarter more efficient way to grow website traffic, improve customer engagement and work with all major aspects of SEO, analytics, content quality and accessibility all in the one place.”

Piecing together disparate technologies and reporting systems is a modern challenge for many marketers. “Marketing teams are busy navigating demanding workloads, often having to wear many hats and collaborate with many departments. Having what they need together in one platform, that various departments of various skill levels can access and use, streamlines efficiencies and reduces costs, “ says Mahoney.

Aside from the cohesive benefits of the platform when creating content and managing SEO, users who are seeing the greatest long-term benefits are those who are using the technology to understand user behaviour to drive a whole of digital presence.

Want to know more?

Jay will be presenting on “Making Your Website a Customer First Digital Asset.“ at the Marketing Tech Symposium in the Hunter Valley 13th November at 11 am. We hope you can join!

In the meantime, watch this On-Demand webinar: How to Get the Most Out of Your Analytics where Analytics Expert, Søren Laumand, shares 3 key areas to get actionable insights from your website.

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