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Customer 360 Symposium 2024


This carefully crafted program combines inspiring keynotes with informal activities and time to build real relationships.

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Kate Young

Opening Comments

Kate Young, Executive Manager – Marketing Strategy & Capability, ANZ



Fabian Kortekaas

International Keynote: Makers of Happy – How TUI Combines Strategy, Design, Insights and Culture to Gear the Entire Organisation Around the Customer

Fabian Kortekaas, Director of Customer Experience and Insights, TUI (Netherlands)


With over 21 million customers operating in 180 destinations globally, TUI are one of the largest travel companies in the world. But when operating at such scale and with a limited span of control as a CX team, how do they ensure that each and every person in the organisation contributes to their customer-centricity programme, Makers of Happy?

In this Keynote, we’ll hear from TUI’s Director of Customer Experience and Insights, Fabian Kortekaas as he shares their efforts to combine strategy, design, insights and culture in order to empower their business-wide customer-centricity efforts. He’ll touch on the strategic pillars of their efforts, including solving problems as soon as they arise and creating moments that matter for their customers; the guiding principles in their culture programme to define and deliver value for the customer; and how the team communicates and demonstrates the financial impacts of their customer experience efforts.


Partner Keynote

Hosted by Medallia



Coffee Break & Networking



Tom Bradley
“Think Customer” – Demonstrating Value from CX Transformation

Tom Bradley, GM Customer Experience, Kmart


Putting the customer at the forefront is an important crux of business strategy in the battle for market share, and this couldn’t be more true for Kmart. In this session, we’ll be joined by Tom Bradley, GM of CX who will share Kmart’s recent CX transformation journey. He’ll share how quantifying the financial impact of CX with senior leadership was an important initial step, along with developing a clear functional vision that helped combine disparate skillsets across research, analytics, service delivery and design.

He’ll then touch on how the team combine these skills to identify, socialise, and align on the priority elements of Kmart’s customer experience to focus on, and share some interesting discoveries from projects along the way. He’ll also touch on how the teams is fostering a customer culture more broadly at Kmart, from weekly reporting of key customer metrics to a rich customer immersion programme that allows head office team members to gain firsthand customer insights to take back to their roles.

Vlad R
Squad Goals: Lessons from an Agile Insights Centre of Excellence

Vlad Radosavac, Head of Customer and Category Insights, 7-Eleven

7 Eleven

7-Eleven is one of the few businesses in Australia having undergone a full agile transformation. This session introduces attendees to the world of agile ways of working through the lens of Vlad Radosavac, Head of Customer & Category Insights at 7-Eleven. Vlad will delve into the successes, learnings and opportunities of running a customer insights team within an agile organisation.

Attendees will gain insight into the unique dynamics of cross-functional team collaboration and how the 7-Eleven insights team synergises with organisational tribes and squads to maintain a unified vision. Key takeaways include strategies for integrating speed and agility into insight functions, balancing immediate adaptability with long-term strategic planning, and fostering personal and professional development of teams, even for those organisations operating outside of the agile framework.

Join us in this enlightening journey at 7-Eleven, where agile isn’t just a methodology but a catalyst for insightful business transformation and commercial impact. This session is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to infuse more agility and effectiveness into their business and insights strategies.


Partner Breakout

Hosted by The Lumery

The Lumery

Daniel Kimber
Partner Breakout: We Need to Start Thinking Differently About CX and AI – A Glimpse Into the Future of Proactive Customer Experiences and Empowered Customers

Daniel Kimber, CEO and Co-Founder, Brainfish


Now that AI exists, it’s not just about using it to create a slightly better chatbot or ticketing experience for our customers; it’s so much more, and has the potential to completely transform the way that customers understand and interact with our products and services. But, we need to take a step back and think differently about its applications in order to achieve its full potential.

Brainfish are changing the game, and are challenging the ways that we’re currently experimenting with and thinking about AI. In this session, they’ll showcase a glimpse into the future with exclusive insight into something that technically doesn’t even exist yet, but has the potential to change the way that we empower our customers through proactive customer experiences, while driving greater efficiency and effectiveness internally.

Partner Breakout

Hosted by Strativity


Emma Wu

Partner Breakout: Leveraging AI for Enhanced Insights: PEXA’s Journey to Strategic Influence

Emma Wu, Head of Customer Insights & Engagement, PEXA

PEXA, Kapiche

Join Emma Wu, Head of Customer Insights & Engagement at PEXA, to explore how AI has significantly enhanced PEXA’s customer insights and elevated the strategic role of its insights team. Learn how AI has streamlined processes, enabling teams to focus on high-value work and influencing better outcomes across the business.

Emma will discuss the key strategies for successful AI integration—laying robust foundations, achieving organisational alignment, and elevating the insights function from a support role to a strategic powerhouse.

Most importantly, you’ll discover how this transformation has increased the insights team’s influence within PEXA, making them a crucial part of strategic decision-making and improving business outcomes through faster, more informed decisions.


Panel: Moving Past the Talk: How Can we Ensure that We Walk the Walk with our Customer-Centricity Efforts?

Moderated by: Kate Young, Executive Manager – Marketing Strategy & Capability, ANZ
Simon Burt, Head of Digital Product Development, NGM Group
Michelle Erdosi, Head of Customer Strategy and Insight, BOQ Group
Danielle Handley, Chief Customer and Transformation Officer, Bupa

Kate YoungSimon BurtMichelle ErdosiDanielle Handley
ANZ, NGM Group, BOQ Grp, Bupa

We all know being customer-centric is the north star of differentiating ourselves in a competitive market, and lots of businesses SAY that they’re customer first, but what does it take to walk the walk?

In this panel discussion, we’ll hear from some of the region’s very best customer experience leaders as they share the work they’ve done to drive a customer-lens throughout the business, ensuring that customer-centricity is lived and breathed by everyone in the organisation, and used in strategic decision making across every department and function.

But it’s not just down to the leaders to drive this transformation and mindset; everyone in the business has a role to play. So, our panellists will also discuss some of the grassroots efforts in their organisation, and how every single person can make meaningful changes as part of their wider customer-centricity efforts.

Panel: How Do We Set Our Insights Function Up for Success in a World of Commercial Pressures and Budget Cuts?

Moderated by: Dr Violet Lazarevic, Head of Enterprise-Wide Customer and Market Insights Centre of Excellence, Telstra
Emily Paladino, Head of Customer Insights, Country Road Group
Steve Scholtz, Head of Research and Insights, NSW Department of Education
Ashley Taylor, Voice of the Customer Specialist, Flight Centre Group

Dr Violet LazarevicEmily PaladinoSteve ScholtzAshley Taylor
Telstra, Country Road Group, NSW, Flight Centre

As the impact and influence of customer insights teams continues to grow within organisations, coupled with the ever-changing nature of consumer sentiment and the economic landscape, there has never been a greater appetite for insights. We’re having to reprioritise projects, keep our finger on the pulse with how our customers are thinking and feeling, and assess our investment decisions with more scrutiny. But with tighter budgets and more limited resource, we need to think creatively about how we can meet that demand for insights.

This panel discussion will bring together some of the region’s best customer insights leaders to share and discuss some of the ways that we can continue to deliver best-in-class customer insights under the budget and resource pressures we’re currently facing. They’ll discuss team structure and how we ensure our teams are running as effectively and efficiently as possible; creative ways to deliver strategic customer insights on a shoestring budget; and managing stakeholders and their expectations as demand for customer insights continues to increase.


Partner Breakout

Hosted by Acquia


Alyona Medalyan
Partner Breakout: Demystifying VoC Analytics With AI: A Personal Journey Through Two Decades of Innovation

Alyona Medelyan, CEO and Co-Founder, Thematic


In the last two years we’ve witnessed an AI-powered transformation in Voice of Customer (VoC) analysis. But what’s hype and what’s real? How did the field evolve over the years and what are the implications for customer insights and VoC managers?

Alyona Medelyan, PhD, has over two decades of working with AI, and will join us to share her journey and perspective on these questions. From traditional methods to AI-centric solutions, she uncovers their unique strengths and limitations, and how we can harness each of them to supercharge our customer insights efforts. We’ll explore how AI has streamlined VoC analytics and processes, making customer feedback insights more accessible than ever before.

In this entertaining talk you will gain a holistic understanding of AI, how companies harness it today to improve customer experience, and what’s in store for the future.


Partner Breakout


Networking Lunch


Tabia Chui
International Keynote: Launching and Scaling a Global CX Program, One Internal Champion at a Time

Tabia Chui, ECommerce Manager, Global HQ DTC Omnichannel Dept, ASICS (Japan)


In 2019—after running a mystery shopping-based program across its various stores for several years—ASICS recognised the need for a more organic and actionable approach to customer experience. But launching a CX program that purposely drives positive change is no easy task, especially when your internal audiences span digital teams, store managers, franchise partners, senior executives and more. In this session, ASICS’ Tabia Chui will talk us through the ASICS Customer Experience program’s launch—illustrating how to identify and win the hearts of internal champions, leverage the support from the wider business to boost internal engagement and scale the impact of your experience improvement initiatives across audiences and geographies. She’ll touch on the impact that this programme has had on the organisation and the customer experience thus far, and the changes they’ve made as an organisation as a result.


Wine Tasting

Simon Kriss
Workshop: AI and Wine

Simon Kriss, Chief Innovation Officer, Customer Experience Innovation Institute


Join this workshop for the double whammy experience. Your workshop leader is both a published author on the topic of AI in CX and holds a Masters Degree in Wine! Experience both AI and Wine together.

AI, like wine, is experiential and this session will deliver both the theory and practice of using AI and of wine tasting. This workshop is for beginner to novice users of AI, as well as beginner to novice wine snobs.

In the workshop you will discover:
• The basics of Artificial Intelligence both traditional and generative
• The basics of wine tasting
• Use cases for AI that you can immediately take back to your workplace and experiment with
• Practical use of generative AI – you will build you own bot and manage it’s persona
• Practically drink and evaluate wines!

This session will be insightful, pragmatic and FUN.

Your workshop leader is Simon Kriss. Simon is Australia’s leading voice on the use of AI in CX and author of “The AI Empowered Customer Experience” (which each participant will receive a free copy of). His hobby is wine judging and he holds a Masters Degree in Viticulture and Wine Tech from Melbourne University.

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Partner Keynote

Hosted by InMoment



Clairy Moraitou
International Keynote

Clairy Moraitou, Group Head of Customer, Marketing and Brand Insights, Zurich Insurance (Switzerland)


Since 2019, Zurich Insurance have been on a mission to activate and transform the organisation around their customer-centric strategy and brand purpose. Since then, Zurich have developed strategies and frameworks and implemented ways to better understand customers, have instilled accountability and a single source of truth for customer KPIs, and have established methodologies of measuring against their customer experience strategy. They have thus managed to activate the whole organization to build meaningful relationships with customers and increase loyalty as well attract new customers.

In this exclusive international keynote, Clairy Moraitou, Group Head of Customer, Market and Brand Insights, Zurich Insurance will join us to share Zurich’s CX transformation journey and the impact it’s had on all customer KPIs as well as business performance. She’ll also share how one of the large programs in their global transformation journey – customer understanding based on segmentation and analytics –allows them to create much more personalised propositions and to activate the sales and distribution teams to increase loyalty.


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Partner Breakout


Partner Breakout


Heba Habashy
Think Tank 1: The Metrics That Matter – How Can We Better Link CX to Business Performance?

Heba Habashy, Head of Research and Insights, CBA


The importance that businesses place on the customer experience has grown enormously over the past few years, but one thing remains a big challenge: Demonstrating ROI from our CX efforts, and linking our CX strategy to tangible improvements in business performance.

We all know that the experience we deliver has an enormous impact, but how do we better prove it, especially as we face greater commercial pressures?

In this Think Tank, we’ll discuss the evolving measures of success in CX, layering those measures into financial metrics, and moving the needle on NPS and beyond.

Jen Liu

Think Tank 2: Navigating AI in CX: Opportunities and Challenges

Jen Liu, Head of CX Data, AI and Optimisation, Winc


In our quest to drive greater effectiveness and efficiency internally while also amplifying the experience for our customers, developments in AI will have enormous potential in changing the way we operate as both a CX team and an organisation. But most of us are still in our infancy with trialing the use of AI, and while the potential is enormous, there are a lot of challenges for us overcome on the journey such as cost of entry and protecting our data.

In this Think Tank, we’ll have the opportunity to share and discuss how we’re experimenting with AI in our CX teams, some of the challenges faced and how we’re working to overcome them, and where the real value and opportunities lie for us as CX leaders.

Jennifer Clarke
Think Tank 3: Can We Achieve True Personalisation at Scale?

Jennifer Clarke, Head of Personalisation, Super Retail Group

Super Retail Group

Customers expect a lot more from the brands they interact with, with hyper-personalised experiences being one of those expectations. But with data siloes sat across channels, challenges in shifting away from big personas and toward micro-segments, and with increased restrictions in how we contact our customers and protect their data, it’s not an easy task.

In this Think Tank, join your peers for an in-depth discussion as we navigate some of those barriers to delivering a more personalised experience for our customers, and how we can best align the organisation and employees around the customer to best meet our customers’ needs when and how they need it.

Gary Anderson
Think Tank 4: Prioritisation of Projects: Responding to the Now Versus Planning for the Future

Gary Anderson, Head of Broker Experience, AMP


In today’s economic climate, customers and businesses alike are feeling the pinch. With tightening budgets and recruitment freezes, coupled with growing requests to deliver more for our customers, it’s tricky to find the balance between responding to the now, versus planning for the future.

In this Think Tank, you’ll have the opportunity to share and discuss how you’re navigating that balancing act, ensuring we’re set up for success to deal with the now, while also going after research scopes that are more future-facing and innovation focussed.

We’ll discuss how we can better communicate cross-functionally and align our approach to insights with the long-term strategic vision of the organisation, and explore the role of adding value versus cost-cutting in our quest to differentiate against the competition.

Jackie Allen

Think Tank 5: The Privacy Act, Customer Trust and Increased Scrutiny on Data Protection: Navigating the Impact on Our Ability to Measure CX and Deliver Insights

Jackie Allen, Customer Insights Manager, Officeworks


As the privacy act continues to evolve, and as consumers become more aware of the communications they receive and how their data is being used and stored by the businesses they interact with, a huge area of focus for many is enhancing data security and privacy, and ensuring that we’re best protecting customers’ personal information. But, is this increased security impeding our ability to do research effectively.

In this session, we’ll hear from a leading privacy expert who can share the latest recommendations and regulations in the privacy act that we need to be aware of. We’ll then open up the discussion to explore the impact of tightening rules and restrictions with regard to data protection, the nuances of what this means for our ability to deliver insights to the business and measure our CX efforts, and what we can do to overcome some of those barriers.

Adeline Chua


Think Tank 6: The Changing Skills Landscape – What Skillsets Do We Need to Set our Insights Functions Up for Success?

Adeline Chua, Head of Customer Insights and Programmes, GWA Group Ltd

GWA Group

Businesses are operating in a fast moving climate, with evolving customer expectations and a rapidly changing tech landscape affording us new opportunities to drive efficiencies and better understand and connect with our customers. But we need to ensure we have the right teams and the relevant skillsets in the organisation to be able to keep up, and with many businesses experiences recruitment freezes, that’s sometimes easier said than done.

In this Think Tank, we’ll discuss what skills we need as customer insights leaders, and how we can better retain and upskill the talent in our organisations to ensure we’re setting our insights teams up for success on the road ahead. We’ll explore what skillsets we should be prioritising in our teams, such as storytelling, commercial acumen, data analysis and utilising AI, how we can cultivate that talent moving forward, and when we should be looking to hire generalists versus specialists.


Aviram Vijh


Fireside Chat: Insights from a Chief Design Officer

Aviram Vijh, Chief Design Officer, Macquarie Bank


When you think about where CX and insights sits within an organisation, you don’t often think about it falling under the remit of the Chief Design Officer. But at Macquarie Bank, they’ve changed this default by design, and in this exclusive fireside chat with Aviram Vijh, we’ll explore why.

We’ll hear how Avi has structured his team at Macquarie Bank, bringing together design, CX, research and insights to create one large holistic function that elevates their design capability by better understanding their customers. Avi will share how this allows his team to work toward shared goals and with more accountability and consistency, act as the single source of truth for the organisation, and drive real and meaningful change across the organisation.

He’ll also touch on some of the work this structure is enabling them to do, such as their comprehensive CX measurement framework and their programme of work around experimentation.

Candice Liew
Leveraging Customer Insights to Uncover Growth Opportunities and Drive Business-Wide Change

Candice Liew, Head of Customer Strategy and Experience, Flybuys


Insights teams play a pivotal role in proactively recommending change and driving both business and customer strategy, but as commercial pressures increase and every dollar spent faces increased scrutiny, how can we better leverage the insights we have to ensure we’re investing both time and money into the projects and initiatives that will make the biggest impact? And how can we better identify the friction points in the customer journey and the impact they have on margin and the value of the customer.

In this session, we’ll hear from Candice Liew, Head of Customer Strategy and Experience at Flybuys, who will share how they are driving growth and change across the organisation by leveraging customer insights across listening channels including social media and from service channels to redesign their experiences and minimise efficiencies to unlock more and more value. She’ll share how they’re looking beyond the insights function to change the whole strategic vision across the organisation.


Dr Eslam Afifi
Closing Keynote: How Can We Meaningfully Leverage AI to Better Understand Our Customers and Deliver More Exceptional Experiences? – Lessons From an AI-Fuelled CX Transformation

Dr Eslam Afifi, Data, Insights and CX Manager, legalsuper


Over the past few years, legalsuper has been on an enormous transformation to create a customer-centric organisation, with every decision across every level of the business informed by customer data and insights. And this incredible transformation is one that’s been fuelled by AI and a mindset of continuous improvement.

For our final keynote, we’ll be joined by Dr Eslam Afifi who leads the Data, Insights and CX team at legalsuper, as he shares the integral role that AI has had in their CX transformation to date, and the measurable impact this has had on the organisation. He’ll shed light on how they’ve implemented AI tools to understand and enhance the customer journey through the use of chatbots and ChatGPT; their innovative use of cognitive search, powered by AI, to drive greater efficiency and effectiveness internally, transforming how the organisation distils and democratises insights business-wide; and their plans to continue to evolve their AI strategy in the years to come.


Networking Lunch & Close of Symposium