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Bringing The Trust Back

2017 has been a tough and exhausting year for all of us working in digital media. It’s the year we were labelled “criminal”, “fraudulent”, “un-safe”, and “risky”. Our value was scrutinised like no other. Trust was stretched to the point of exhaustion and confusion. It was the year the ‘golden child’ of media got reprimanded and the roll on effect has impacted us all.

In all of this, the true strength of ‘digital’ was lost, clouded and completely cluttered out. Brands walked away, back to traditional media ‘where we know it works’. With over 20 million Australian’s online each month, brands cannot afford to walk away. Now is the time to SIMPLIFY, clear the air, take a deep breath and rediscover the incredible marketing power of online that seems to have been lost.

This session will talk through how we plan on doing just that, what our focus is, and how we can help. If you’re a little over all the ‘noise’ then this is the session for you.

Alice Almeida, Head of Digital Strategy, News Ltd