Programmatic Summit Sydney

Your Executive Breakfast

The Boardroom, Level 3, Doltone House, Jones Bay Wharf, Sydney
5 March 2020, 8.00am – 8.45am,
immediately prior to the Programmatic Summit

Life Beyond Social & Search: From A Walled Garden to the Open Web


Roundtable discussion

Life Beyond Social & Search: From A Walled Garden to the Open Web

In today’s reality, traditional advertisements are easily and simply ignored. People are drowning in ads on all platforms and channels. This has led to worrisome problems for advertisers that are costing money:

1. Consumers are less trusting of brands that interrupt their online experience, and research shows social platforms are not helping this.
2. People’s habits are changing, they are automatically tuning out ads and instinctively have “banner blindness”. This has also led to the rise of adblockers.

The only way to win in online advertising is to create ads that people actually want to see and that value the consumer experience. That’s where Native advertising comes in. These ads are engaging, non-intrusive, and require the consumer to opt-in. Join us for a lively breakfast conversation as we discuss why it’s so important not to disrupt a consumer’s online journey, how Native ads help build consumer trust, and why Native should be a part of your marketing tool belt.

Your Moderator

Nathan Jackson

Nathan Jackson
Head of Sales, APAC Outbrain

As the Head of Sales for APAC, Nathan is responsible for all of Outbrain’s advertiser business in APAC. With 10+ years of industry experience, Nathan is an effective leader who empowers his team to drive concrete business results. Nathan’s extensive knowledge, customer-centric approach, and strategic vision propel the team forward to achieve positive returns for Outbrain’s clients. He’s previously held commercial leadership positions at Ticketek, IAS, and Adslot.

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