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Connect with the Chinese digital consumer

It is widely recognised that China represents an enormous opportunity for Australian businesses. The numbers are simply staggering: 440 million E-commerce buyers, 109 million middle-class adults, a number which is rapidly expanding and an insatiable desire for Australian products and services.

A market worth $91.3 billion in 2015 alone, it’s no wonder that many Australian businesses see this as the opportunity of our lifetime. However, doing business in China can be extremely difficult; it’s very easy to get it wrong and very hard to get it right. The digital ecosystem is completely different to the rest of the world, there are regulatory hurdles, legal challenges and cultural differences to navigate.

Topics covered include Profiling the Chinese Digital Consumer; How to Develop your business with Chinese Customers from your home Market; Cracking the Chinese Search Marketplace; Maximising Wechat’s Mobile Platform; How to succeed in the Chinese APP Economy; Cross-Border e-commerce for Australian Marketeer; The Chinese forms of payment; Understand the Chinese mobile marketing landscape; Future challenges and opportunities.

The content for the Access China Summit has been crafted by & in conjunction with our advisory board of industry and government experts. An agenda built by the industry, for the industry.

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