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CX in Government

Is CX as important in Government as it is in the commercial sector? We in (all levels of) Government have different drivers – CX in Government is not driving customer loyalty or (necessarily) impacting the bottom line. But getting the customer experience right is one of the key means to achieve better outcomes, to meet customer expectations and to build trust in Government (where service delivery agencies are often the users’ only engagement with their Government). It should also be a key core principle of public service. 

The session will be facilitated around the following key conversation points; 

  • Drivers to understand and improve the CX in Government / public service 
  • CX in policy and delivery 
  • Data and insights – enabler or barrier  
  • CX measurement 
  • The case for change – how to invest in CX 
  • Key trends in CX and omni channel delivery in Government