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Thursday, 18 November


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International Keynote

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Kat Warboys
Partner Keynote: Mastering the Art and Science of Customer Experience

Kat Warboys, Marketing Director – APAC, HubSpot

Hubspot logo

Customer expectations are higher than ever before; in the worlds of both B2B and B2C, our customers expect more timely, meaningful and personalised interactions. And it’s not always enough to meet those expectations, we have to exceed and surpass them in order to gain and maintain competitive advantage.

In this Keynote, we’ll explore the two sides of the customer experience coin necessary to truly meet the needs of the customer – the art and the science. We’ll look at how businesses can foster a customer-centric culture unique to their organisation, while balancing that with the nuts and bolts of the business and ensuring the processes and structures are aligned to deliver on that customer-centricity.


Steve Grossrieder
CX Track
The CEO Perspective: Leading a CX Transformation From the Top Down

Steve Grossrieder, CEO, Jax Tyres & Auto

Jax Tyres & Auto

As champions of the customer experience within our organisations, getting the support of the board is crucial in order to gain investment, win business-wide support and instigate real change when embarking on a CX transformation. And having a CEO that lives and breathes customer experience is the pinnacle.

Operating under a franchisee model and in a highly competitive marketplace, Jax Tyres & Auto have undergone an ambitious, customer-first transformation in order to drive long-term growth and customer advocacy. In this Keynote, we have the pleasure of hearing from their CEO, Steve Grossrieder, who has been at the helm of their extraordinary transformation. Steve will shed some light on how he obtained board support for his ambitious strategy to make high-impact CX part of the business DNA; how he enabled a high performance team to spearhead the transformation; and the critical financial, operational and customer metrics used to illustrate impact and ROI.

Customer Insights Track
Leveraging Data and Artificial Intelligence to Improve the Customer Experience

With so much data at our fingertips, many businesses are grappling with how to best utilise that resource to deliver more meaningful and personalised experiences for our customers. In this session we’ll hear from a leading brand in Australia about the work they’re doing to flawlessly merge the digital and the human worlds to empower frontline staff to have more relevant and personalised conversations with every customers.


Coffee Break & Networking


CX Track
Empowering the Organisation to Think Customer-First: Employee Mindsets and Cultural Change

Peta Wilkinson, Customer Experience Manager, IDP Education
Dean Inzitari, Customer Experience Lead, HSBC

Peta WilkinsonDean Inzitari


Customer Insights Track
Insights Panel

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Mallika Sathi
CX Track
Partner Breakout: Delivering frictionless customer experiences during onboarding and authentication: The Digital Identity

Mallika Sathi, Vice President, Cyber & intelligence Solutions and Digital Identity, Australasia, Mastercard


In today’s increasingly connected world, customers need a better way to gain quick and easy access to the services they need, without the hassle of producing physical documents and oversharing data. They expect a secure and seamless customer experience.

In this session, we’ll uncover the potential of digital identity and ID, a service by Mastercard, to shape a safer, more connected world for our customers in an increasingly digital environment by prioritising security and fraud mitigation without compromising customer experience.


Customer Insights Track
Partner breakout

Session details TBC


Monique Rappell
CX Track
Taking Your CX Transformation to the Next Level: Exploring the Role of Organisational Empathy

Monique Rappell, Head of Experience Design, Product Insight and Innovation, TAFE NSW

Tafe NSW

While ‘purpose’ is often seen as the panacea for a range of organisational issues, many purpose led organisations fail to meet their customers’ needs. How is it possible that being purpose led can actually hinder your CX transformation to become truly customer-centric?

In this thought-provoking session, we’ll hear from Monique Rappell, Head of Experience Design, Product Insight and Innovation at TAFE NSW as she explores why purpose-led organisations often fail in their CX transformation journeys, and how by shifting from an approach of individual empathy to organisational empathy, we can better align our sense of purpose with our CX transformation to drive meaningful, impactful and measurable change.

Leisa Reichelt
Customer Insights Track
How to Impactfully Influence: Leveraging Customer Insights and Research to Instigate Real Change

Leisa Reichelt, Head of Research and Insights, Atlassian


It’s all well and good having an enormous amount of information about our customers, and even better to translate that data into meaningful insights about our customers, but how do you use all that insight to impactfully influence what the organisation is doing and prioritising?

In this session, we’ll hear from Leisa Reichelt, Head of Research and Insights at Atlassian, as she shares the work she and her team have done to become real change-makers within the organisation. We’ll explore how getting the infrastructure of the business right, in terms of our teams, tools and insights programmes is the first step in creating and leveraging meaningful insights as we strive to create a base for solid recommendations. Leisa will then also explore how we can distil those recommendations across the business in a way that’s actionable, empowering teams to make the relevant decisions and instigate real change.


Networking Lunch


Carolyn Northcott
Partner Keynote: Putting CX at the Heart of Innovation

Carolyn Northcott, Senior Manager, Insights, Rest Super

InMoment&Rest logo

Rest has long been a pioneer of digital member solutions in the superannuation category, being first to offer a number of the digital channels now seen as industry standard. Challenges brought on by COVID-19 have not only validated this long-term ‘Digital First’ strategy but have also accelerated and pivoted the innovation roadmap. And, while it may seem counter-intuitive for such a complex and low-engagement product as super, the digital-first approach is driving a quantifiably better member experience. In this keynote, we’ll explore how, but putting members’ best interests at the heart of innovation, Rest has delivered better access and greater support in the most challenging of environment.


Nigel Roberts
Is CX OK? The Industry Has Spoken

Nigel Roberts, Managing Partner, Yell Creative

Yell Creative

COVID has taken its toll on all of us, personally and professionally. The last 18 months have seen CX professionals pushed to the limits as we adjust to new ways of working and embrace rapid change in how we deliver brand experiences to our customers. So, how are you going? Did your business rise to the challenge and how did your customers rate how the industry reacted to the most challenging of years?

Yell Creative will be presenting exclusive research conducted with CX professionals, where they will reveal the state of CX in Australia, providing benchmarks against Australian consumer sentiment and revealing the key opportunities and challenges facing the industry today.


Coffee & Networking Break


CX Track
What Does the CX Growth Agenda Look Like in a Post-Covid World?

Many of us have spent the past 18 months redefining our customer experience to meet the needs of our customers in a time of uncertainty and volatility, creating a customer experience that hopes to retain customers and build long-term loyalty.

But, as we build our way out of the pandemic, what does our CX growth agenda look like for us as CX leaders in 2022 and beyond?

In this session, we’ll explore the CX priorities for the next 12 months and how they’ll continue to drive the customer-first agenda within their organisations to drive business growth.

Katrina Harrison
Customer Insights Track
Getting to Know Your Customers: The Ever-Changing Customer Persona

Katrina Harrison, Head of Customer Experience, Australian Red Cross

Australian Red Cross

There’s no doubt that customer personas play an important part in defining and executing CX strategy by helping us to understand our customers needs, motivations and expectations. But in a volatile and ever-changing world, how do we keep track of our customers and what they need from us?

In this session, we’ll be joined by Katrina Harrison, Head of Customer Experience at Australian Red Cross, to explore the work they’ve done to revisit and retest their customer personas in order to understand their customer of today and what’s important to them. She’ll also touch on the impacts this has had in championing empathy and in gathering evidence around decision making, and how the business is utilising those customer insights throughout the organisation to better support their customers.


James Drury
CX Track
Redefining How You Service Your Customers: Empowering Human Centred Design

James Drury, Head of Customer Experience, Endeavour Group

Endeavor Group

In the battle to remain relevant and exceed the expectations of our customers, how can we ensure we’re designing our experiences and customer journeys holistically? In this session, we’ll explore what it takes to master a customer-centred approach to servicing your customers, and how we can truly leverage and measure the power of human-centred design while championing a test and learn culture of continuous improvement.

Customer Insights Track
Navigating the Research Agency Relationship

Working with research agencies is often a big part of the role of a customer insights team, but given how integral they are to our research strategy, how can we best navigate those relationships? What makes a great brief to kick off a project with an agency? How can we optimise those relationships to elevate the impact, both on the business and the customer? How can we create consistency when working with multiple agency partners?


International Keynote

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