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One Question to Change the Way You Think About CX: Would You Do That to Your Mother?

Would you do that to your mother? This simple litmus test helps pinpoint the causes of customer unrest, so your company can shift toward anticipating needs, extending empathy and care, and showing respect at all times.

Customers crave the same gentle treatment, simple directions and honorable behavior that our mothers demanded of us. By taking a minute to pause, review, and consider your actions through the “Mum lens”, you give yourself a powerful tool to think differently about your approach to customer experience, whether that’s your company’s return policy, its social media presence, its big picture CX strategy, or its frontline customer service.

By converting ‘frustrated Mum moments’ into ‘make Mum proud’ moments, and exploring some of the companies who defy regular business practices to build bonds with employees and customers, this inspirational Keynote by Jeanne Bliss, with key insights from her forthcoming new book, will challenge your thinking and prompt you to re-evaluate your own CX practices, focusing on key areas such as enabling employees to deliver value, being a joy to do business with, designing experiences to enable customers to achieve their goals, and establishing customer trust.

Jeanne Bliss, Global authority on CX and President, Customer Bliss