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Agenda for the Sydney Programmatic Summit 2015 #programmatic15

Join the sharpest minds in the industry at the Programmatic Summit 2015, Australia & New Zealand’s only dedicated programmatic advertising conference.

This is a must-attend event for both buy side & sell side executives within the media and advertising industry, topics will cover all aspects of programmatic advertising and provide insights into how this fast moving industry is evolving.

If you have not registered yet there are a small number of places left so be quick and register here

Following is a breakdown of keynotes, workshops, panels and more.

Programmatic event

Workshop – Introduction to Programmatic

Join industry experts Sarah Wyse (Videology) and Ellie Rogers (Facebook) for this content rich breakfast workshop, during which they will walk you through;

1. What does Programmatic Trading really mean?

2. What is all the fuss about? A look at the current landscape: the numbers, the players, 2014 highlights

3. Programmatic jargon buster. A guide to the acronyms that will be used throughout the main conference

4. What does this change mean for the industry? A snapshot of how programmatic trading applies to all parties: suppliers, media agencies, advertisers, data providers etc.

5. What has programmatic done for me lately? Explanation of the key benefits and how it is revolutionising media planning and buying.

6. How should I be thinking about programmatic trading for my business? Asking the right questions. A list of areas to consider in order to get the most of the days conference sessions.

International Keynote: Finding the Human within AdTech

Mayur Gupta, Global Head, Marketing Technology & Innovation, Kimberly-Clark

From the first clickable banner ad on Global Network Navigator to a world of real time bidding and programmatic buying, the ad tech industry has gone through an evolution that will be difficult to match. From managing a sleuth of publishers, venues and placements within the world of direct buying to having an ability target personas and humans with specific behaviours, habits, needs and desires with almost real time decision making power and precision, the media landscape and paradigms have dramatically shifted.

However from a larger context, this shift in the advertising and media landscape is a reflection of something much broader and more fundamental; it is the quest to find the “HUMAN” within the broader world of marketing. It has brought a mindset shift that goes beyond the cost efficiencies that come with programmatic. Instead it is an effort to respond to consumer needs and expectations that demand an ability to share the right content to the right consumer at the right time at a device and touchpoint of her choice.

It’s the need to identify consumer behaviours that need to be changed through inspiration and engagement by using data and technology in a way that has never been done before, eventually delivering a seamless and frictionless consumer experience. The ultimate goal is not how far we go with advertising, media, mobile, social or data for that matter but more importantly how well are we able to connect these dots to deliver the most immersive and relevant experience for the consumer, taking her towards a better life.

The Programmatic Playbook – How marketers, agencies and publishers win in the real time world

Dave Osborn, VP Asia Pacific, Appnexus

Technology is impacting every part of our industry; asking questions to which there are sometimes not yet answers. It’s clear that programmatic is changing the way that media is bought and sold around the world, but what will be the impact in Australia? How do we apply the lessons from Europe and the US and leverage the unique strengths of this market to innovate and lead?

In this session, digital media and advertising veteran Dave Osborn will look at the driving forces behind the rapid growth of programmatic globally and locally. He will explore its impact on marketers, agencies and publishers; building a playbook for each to capitalise on the opportunities and overcome the challenges as 2015 brings unprecedented disruption and innovation.

Data-Driven Programmatic Buying – The Perfect Marriage

This panel will examine how the role of data has evolved within campaign planning and wider advertising strategy in recent years. The session will also discuss the costs and benefits of data-driven programmatic buying delving into the process in action, its perceived challenges, as well showcasing best practice within the industry.

• Paul Shepherd, General Manager, Accuen
• Jonas Jaanimagi, Head of Media, Strategy & Operations, REA Group
• Lynn Chealander, Director, Vivaki, ANZ
• Phil Cowlishaw, Head of Technology, Ikon Communications

Tackling The Talent Gap In A Rapidly Changing Market

Can we still rely on the digital industry’s “cool” factor to attract the talent we need? Does programmatic require a different skillset and how do we address a lack of qualified talent? Learn how companies attract and retain programmatic talent and manage supply versus demand.

• Stu Bartram, Country Manager,MediaMath
• Kerry Field, Chief of Talent, MindShare
• Dan Robbins, Head of Performance, OMD

Under The Hood Session – Executing A Programmatic Ad Buy

Jess White, General Manager, Cadreon

Programmatic ad buying clearly has strengths in efficiency and targeting, but it can be a difficult system to grasp. Under the Hood is a practical session showcasing how an agency builds and executes a programmatic ad buy. See firsthand how the abstract concept of data turns into audience modelling, segmentation and targeting, and an exanimation of how machines do the day-to-day heavy lifting and the human factor in strategizing across the long term.

“Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now?” Agency Trading Desk or In-House?

The key to a successful future for programmatic is for brands, agencies and tech providers to adapt and build relationships that drive transparency and create simpler more effective operating models. As marketers become increasingly intimate with data in order to build a single view of their customers, some major brands have moved their programmatic operations in-house. What does this really mean and when is it beneficial to use an agency trading desk?

• Justin Robinson, Director of Marketing Operations & Media, Foxtel
• Grace Liau, Regional General Manager, Vivaki, APAC
• Shun Takahashi, Managing Partner, Openpool

Programmatic Marketing & The Global Brand Evolution

Gary Milner, Global Director Digital Marketing, Lenovo

We have passed the eleventh hour. Programmatic marketing is here to stay and it’s growth is as assured as the demise of Blockbuster, the ascension of Netflix, the crash of Kodak and the rise of the smartphone. Why? Because the efficiencies, control and insights gained are proving invaluable to brands. It’s no longer a matter of if, it’s a matter of when brands will start asking the right questions and understand the potential for programmatic.

Gary will walk through the key considerations of global brands tackling this new world of software driven marketing, from the benefits of programmatic adoption to innovative market tests implemented by a leading global tech brand in the video space. Get prepared for the fascinating future media landscape, it will look nothing like the old one!

Programmatic: The Brand Era

Payam Shodjai, Group Product Manager, Google

Soon, programmatic will be the foundation of every digital marketing campaign. As brands embrace programmatic buying they are finding it’s simplifying every step of the digital marketing equation, and allowing brand marketers and publishers to unlock the value of digital and connect with their audiences in the moments that matter.

Join Payam as he discusses the trends and innovations propelling brands and publishers to embrace programmatic.

The Publisher Evolution: Programmatic Sell-Side Strategies & Why Premium Programmatic Has Gained Momentum

Financial markets first began automated trading with premium commodities such as oil or gas and as a result confidence filtered down. Programmatic trading appears to have started from the bottom up so it’s been a struggle. This panel will dispel the perception that programmatically traded inventory is remnant or low-value & provide examples of premium programmatic. Learn how brands are using programmatic to integrate richer advertising experiences with customer data.

• Alice Manners, CEO, IAB
• Jason Denny, Head of Channel Strategy & Revenue Operations, News Corp
• Sam Granleese, Head of Insights & Analytics,

Building a Transparent and Fair Marketplace – Improving the Quality of Impressions Delivered By Programmatic

IAB Australia supports the move towards viewable impressions. Given rollout is still in its early stages reasonable expectations should be set in monitoring viewable impressions due to technological challenges. What does this mean and what do you need to know?

Important new technologies are helping media sellers identify bot fraud, double iframes, and other deceitful creations. How do we define fraud and what self-regulatory principles are needed in this area to increase trust and transparency and reduce risk?

• Steve Dolan, Managing Director, Integral Ad Science
• Angus Mclean, Digital Strategy Manager, Telstra
• Lee Callagher, Trading Desk Commercial Manager, Fairfax Digital
• Lachlan Brahe, VP, ANZ, ComScore
• Sarah Wyse, Managing Director, ANZ, Videology

Five Steps To Building A Better Programmatic Creative Strategy

Simone Blakers, Managing Director, Rapp

Programmatic has a bad creative reputation as it is often associated with repetitive product retargeting that overstays its welcome. In this session, we will explore how you can open up a competitive advantage by optimising your programmatic creative strategy. Key points include shifting to an Always On approach; Humanising Data; mapping the Customer Experience; Storytelling and Real Time optimisation.

Will Programmatic Lead To The Death Of The Campaign?

We’re progressing further into the era of always-on campaigns, a constant online presence with tailored messages instead of strategic bursts of weighted activity, sequential creative messaging and localised promotions. Will the words “end of campaign report” become obsolete in 2015?

• Jonathan Betts, Group Business Director,ZenithOptimedia
• Andrew Reid, Head of Digital and Data, Amplifi,Dentsu Aegis Network
• Alice Manners, CEO, IAB Australia

How Does Programmatic Mobile & Video Differ to Desktop?

Consumers are omni-channel, and so is programmatic marketing. This expert panel will focus specifically on mobile, video and desktop, the crucial differentiations and the varied technology involved.

• Pippa Leary, CEO,APEX Advertising
• Matt Von der Muhll, Managing Director,Spotxchange
• Graham Chrisitie, Chief Commercial Officer & Partner, Big Mobile

What’s Next? Programmatic Everywhere? Data, Technology And The Future of Audience Engagement

Programmatic is applicable to all media types, crosses screens, devices and media properties and is fuelling the desire for richer and more actionable customer profiles. Our panel will examine the ways in which programmatic can redefine the meaning of engagement.

• Michael Ungerboeck, CEO,ADMATIC
• Mitch Waters, Managing Director,
• Patrick Darcy, Commercial Director, RadiumOne
• Vicky Lyon, Chief Commercial Officer, Site Tour

For session times refer to our agenda page. And if you have not secured your place yet you can register here if you are quick.

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