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Virtual event:
28th May Agenda

Designing Our Way out of a Downturn: How CX Can Help Our Businesses Bounce Back

Following the tremendous success of our first virtual event, we’re excited to announce our second virtual event, as we look past the lockdown to what’s next for Australia and for CX.

Australia has done an incredible job in slowing the spread of COVID-19 and as a result it appears the country can start to re-open. However, the economic effects of the lockdown are likely to be felt for some time – the IMF predicts that 2020 may be the start of Australia’s largest recession for 100 years.

This is new territory for CX and there’s no roadmap. But there is opportunity, an opportunity to demonstrate how customer experience can empower your companies and employees to survive and thrive.

This event will be a community-led ‘Collective Collaboration Session’, with a focus on:

– CX strategies in uncertain times – how CX can make your organisation recession-proof.
– Stakeholder management: How to ensure that senior management stay committed to the CX mission and focused on what matters.
– Staying agile and still delivering – how effective changes can be made without blowing the budget.


28th May 2020
10.00 AM – 11.00 AM


Virtual event – access details to come following RSVP



Welcome and Introduction


What Comes Next: Customer Behaviour in a Post-Lockdown World

A short introduction into what the next 12 months may have in store for Australia, our economy and our customers.


Breakout Groups: How Can We Design Our Way out of the Downturn?

The main meal of the event, we’ll split into breakout groups to share ideas and collaborate on how CX can contribute to our organisations’, and Australia’s, economic bounceback.


Summary and Action Points

Following the breakout discussion groups, members and moderators will reunite to share the key challenges, discussion points, learnings and takeaways from their breakout groups.


Closing comments




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Head of Growth, CX Collective

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