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Agenda for the Customer 360 Symposium 2015 #CS360

Whether they like it or not, businesses understand that the power has firmly shifted to the customer. The customer now decides how, when and where they engage with their chosen brands and their tolerance for poor customer experience is minimal.

Join the sharpest minds in the industry at Customer 360 to learn how to Reach, Engage and Delight your most profitable customers.

Topics covered include Omni-Channel Customer Experience, Content Marketing, Social CRM, Customer Analytics, Customer Strategy, Multi-channel retail, Loyalty Marketing, Net Promoter Score, Contact Centre Management, Social Media Analytics, Customer Centricity, Building The Business Case For Investment Into Customer Experience / UX and Data Driven Customer Experience.

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Following is a breakdown of keynotes, workshops, panels and more. The hashtag to follow during the event will be #CS360.


Registration dinner

Intelligent experiences: Where CX meets tech

Mike Wittenstein, Managing Principal, Storyminers (US)

As customers’ needs change, businesses must adjust. That can be expensive – and risky. A growing number of businesses are learning how to anticipate their customers’ needs so that they can deliver better experiences and reduce costs at the same time.

International keynote speaker Mike Wittenstein is an experience/service design expert and former IBM eVisionary. In this session, Mike will showcase the tech and techniques leaders need in order to keep their operational edge and differentiate their brands.

Using Apple and other brands, Mike will highlight cool tools like video analytics, eye tracking, and mid-experience feedback while keeping the focus on today and what’s practical.

Day One

Delivering world class customer experience at Net-a-Porter

Kei Chan, Head of Marketing, APAC, Net-a-Porter (HK)

Since its early days as a start-up, the now global leader in e-commerce Net-a-Porter has always placed exceptional customer experience at the heart of the business. Every customer touch point through every channel is carefully managed to ensure a joined up brand experience that creates loyal and profitable customers.

Join Lisa Bridgett, Global Sales and Marketing Director, as she shares how Net-a-Porter uses a foundation of rich data to drive customer engagement, experience and advocacy.

Finding the customer lifecycle mother lode

Scott McMillian, General Manager – Business Consulting, Salmat

Many organisations gauge customer experience across each stage of the customer lifecycle; but how many turn insights into tangible actions to mine customer experience gold?

Keynote speaker Scott McMillian, will discuss the importance of an organisation taking a holistic view of customer experience lifecycle from finding, acquiring and servicing customers through to retaining and growing their business. Specifically exploring:

– Why benchmarking against your competitors could be a fatal mistake
– Why the customer lifecycle is not just fool’s gold
– Understanding the value of aligning customer and organisational expectations throughout the lifecycle
– Who needs to own the overall customer experience lifecycle and where they should start prospecting
– The importance of aligning the end-to-end customer experience with your brand positioning
– Understand what nuggets of information you already have and make them work for you
– Which data collection mechanisms are the most appropriate at each stage to facilitate actionable insights
– And finally, how to turn your insights into actions and strike it rich!

Journey to a healthier customer experience

Rhod McKensey, Chief Marketing Officer, NIB Health Funds

Join keynote speaker Rhod McKensey, as he shares how nib places the customer at the very centre of the organisation. The session will cover life before NPS, the introduction of NPS into the business and the resulting impact.

Rhod will also discuss the development of the nib ‘customer plan’ as well as the inevitable cultural challenges involved in structuring a business around the needs of the customer.

Quick wins for activating 1 million customers

Using examples from their top tier clients like Bookworld, Traction Digital presents how you can put customer experience theory into practice to deliver business ROI as well as marketing ROI. Regardless of what platform you use, this session will highlight ways to achieve more from what you’re probably already doing across multiple channels, based on client successes.

• Adam Quirk, Managing Director – Australia, Traction Digital
• James Webber, CEO, Bookworld Australia
• Sandy Park, Marketing Communications Director, Lion Co

Taking NPS to the next level – Embedding the customer voice into business as usual

Jeff Carruthers, Managing Director, Resonate Solutions

Jeff Carruthers shares his insights on:

Cultural change issues
Case study material or examples
New technology – especially text & predictive analytics; data visualisation

It’s just a few steps to personalised experience for your customers

Gabriel Ponzanelli, Digital Strategy Director, Sitecore Australia

Personalisation is an interesting concept. While the idea itself is anything but new, rapid advancements in digital technologies have removed the barriers and made personalisation infinitely more possible.

The problem is, when the possibilities are endless, identifying exactly what those possibilities are, or where to start, can become daunting. So daunting, that it becomes very tempting to do nothing at all.

This session with Gabriel Ponzanelli will simplify the seemingly overwhelming task of personalisation into a few easy steps that you can start right away

Multi model customer service – moving beyond omni-channel customer experience

Stephen Gibb, Director of Solutions Consulting, Kana Systems

Stephen Gibb shares his insights into multi-model customer service and moving beyond the omni-channel customer experience.

Cross device performance marketing now and in the future

Jeremy Crooks, Managing Director ANZ, Criteo

The customer journey today is a labyrinth in which your customers and prospects, browse and shop online on multiple devices.

This makes it infinitely more complex for retailers to identify and target users in a linear fashion and create a unified marketing plan across screens.

Jeremy Crooks will show how Criteo is addressing this complexity by making cross-device tracking and advertising a reality so marketers can deliver a seamless message across all consumer touch points.

Factoring employee experience into the customer experience journey

Steve Simpson, Keystone Management Services

When it comes to Customer Experience, there’s a real risk that energies and resources will be directed only to technology and design.

In this presentation, international speaker and author Steve Simpson, will show that a genuine shift to CX requires organisations to focus on workplace culture as a key part of the change initiative.

Steve will share his research into how culture impacts on performance and will introduce his concept of UGRs – Unwritten Ground Rules. You will learn how the UGRs concept has been used to transform workplace culture in organisations across the world. Most importantly, Steve will show how to shape the UGRs and culture to ensure the benefits of a CX initiative are maximised.

Day Two

Driving a global customer centric approach

Craig Lee, Head of Customer Experience & Brand, Emirates (UAE)

To compete today customer centricity is not aspirational – it’s essential. Creating a customer centric culture is all about understanding your brand value and delivering it consistently to customers.

This practical presentation by international keynote speaker Craig Lee will focus on five key areas that drive customer centricity in Emirates: creating the strategy; defining what is “valued”; creating a new “ecosystem”; leveraging the power of the brand; and, capturing and responding to feedback.

The 4 winning capabilities of truly customer-centric organisations

Sam Keninger, Director of Product Marketing, Medallia (US)

Technology is disrupting how most companies acquire and maintain customers. Simply put, customers have more power and more alternatives. These trends are not likely to reverse themselves and make customer-driven strategies more important than ever.

Research shows that the emerging winners are companies that can effectively use customer experience to drive sustainable advantage. They’re able to employ a common set of capabilities, which are not trivial, but can help even the oldest, largest organisations in valuable, customer-centric ways.

In this presentation, keynote speaker Sam Keninger will review a framework with these winning capabilities and supporting examples. The presentation will help you think about how your organisation can use customer experience to drive sustainable differentiation and profitable growth.

The evolution of a best in class customer advocacy program

Stan Swinton, Manager, Bain & Company

Stan Swinton will discuss how advocacy leaders extend their focus beyond measurement and continuous improvement to innovation to win advocates over time.

Reinventing to stay relevant

Greg Smith, Chief Commercial Officer, The Co-op

Keynote speaker Greg Smith presents the ‘Awakening a 56 year old brand’ where he talks about:

– Realignment of the Co-op core value proposition, brand, culture and workforce to deliver greater customer experiences
– Reducing the cost of education through rapid innovation – ebooks platform, second hand, textbook rental and buyback
– Developing strategic partnerships to enhance the customer experience and lifecycle extension
– Delivering customer needs and wants through relevant customer centric product and services

Social media for a reason

Jason Bradshaw, Head of Customer Experience, Target

The key to winning at Social Media in business is putting the Social into Social Media service. Keynote speaker, Jason Bradshaw will explore how no matter the issue, being social is the key to winning the share of voice.

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