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Delivering a streamlined digital strategy to amplify promotions

beer bubbles

As businesses strive to develop a more customer-centric model it can be challenging to bring together all the elements of promotions to effectively deliver a streamlined experience.

beer bubblesFor many brands, regular promotions are a fundamental way to return value to customers, increase sales and address some of the wider challenges such as reactivating lapsed customers and shifting brand perception. Traction Digital has overseen projects for clients from small start-ups to big name brands and in the process, we have noticed a dramatic shift in companies increasingly looking to adopt a multi-channel approach to marketing activities in an effort to consolidate activities and gain insight into the bigger picture.

Vinay Dixit, Vice President-Strategy, Electrolux Asia Pacific, told CMO. by Adobe“With more than 70 to 80 percent of purchase decisions significantly influenced by digital channels (including high-value categories, like automotive), marketers need to truly embrace an omni-channel response that cuts across marketing, media, distribution, and after sales in order to meet their consumers’ needs.” 

Customer experience hurdles

With globalisation, there are new brands flooding the market and competition is fierce.  For example, if we look at the beer market, in 1980 the number one position meant 50% market share. Today a brand might be number one but due to the huge variety of beverages on available, this only equates to 12% market share.

Market share for XXXX

Consumers are increasingly exposed to discount and promotional offers. Promotions are no longer a yearly, seasonal or special occasion activity. They occur year-round and consumers expect to always get the best deal or giveaway.

As marketers, we need to amplify promotions to achieve the greatest brand exposure to customers. It’s not only about having the leading marking technology but also knowing your audience and applying the right mechanics to deliver a digital experience to engage with customers.  There’s a lot to think about with Facebook sign up integrations, data imports, unique code tracking, points collection, redemptions, and compliance.

Keeping with the alcohol example, Lion recently partnered with Barbeques Galore on a promotion which brought together expert leaders in digital initiatives, skill sets, and technologies, to re-engage existing customers and reach a new audience.

A well-considered digital strategy is required to maximise the true value of a promotion. In the case of Lion’s XXXX GOLD & Barbeques Galore campaign amplifying the promotion across customers and consumers was key.

Lion collaborated with internal teams and externally with suppliers to develop a campaign idea to increase sales. The mechanic incentivised consumers to buy XXXX GOLD over a 12 week period, rewarding them with a $10 voucher to spend at Barbeques Galore every time they purchased a carton. The promotion was facilitated by a dedicated microsite and supported by an eCRM program and targeted Facebook posts.  The ultimate goal to drive repeat purchase throughout the promotion period and to own the Australian summer.

XXXX GOLD maintained its position as market leader and saw sales increase over the Christmas period in comparison to the same period the previous year. The campaign was well received by customers with social media feedback substantiating this sentiment.

Streamlining digital platforms for promotions

By using the best innovations in technology such as an online portal to streamline and amplify promotions to customers and consumers, brands can deliver a repetition of message through multiple channels.

The benefits of consumer data collected from across channels provide a holistic insight into customer interaction. Enriched data can then be used to develop future activities with predictive analytics to determine future buying patterns. The true value of data is using it to know your customer and continue to know your customer.

Adam Quirk - Managing Director, Traction Digital About Adam Quirk - Managing Director, Traction Digital
Adam is a consistent pioneer in digital, managing teams to create award winning campaigns for global brands like Unilever, Audi, and Diageo. His strength is turning complex organisational objectives into actionable solutions. As Managing Director of Traction Digital, he continues to nurture long term relationships with leading brands, thanks to the excellent results they achieve with his direction.