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How Strong Is Your Organisation’s Thrive Cycle And What Does It Mean For Its Ability To Meet Customer Needs

In this interactive workshop, delegates will take the concepts from the morning session and apply them to their own organisation. They will walk away with a deeper understanding and greater insight in terms of potential improvement opportunities, organisational barriers and some of the core drivers that may be impacting their organisation’s ability to adapt.

The workshop will answer the following questions:

  • What is my organisation’s Adaptive Profile? (High-level diagnostic tool)
  • What does this Adaptive Profile mean in terms of my organisation’s ability to meet changing customer needs?
  • What are the four Adaptive Archetypes and how does my organisation compare?
  • What factors might be driving my Adaptive Profile?
  • Eating the Elephant – how can I create a platform for change?

Kate Christiansen, Author, Consultant and Founder, The Adaptive Advantage