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Press Play: Increase Revenue By Maximising The Value Of Video

We are in a post-PC world where audiences engage with videos across a multitude of different platforms. Viewers expect high quality, effective video as part of their online experience, and companies that have well thought-out and strategic streaming content will be the ones that grow engagement and revenue.

In this presentation, comScore’s Stephen Kerwick will share how, with comScore Video Analytics, you can access insights that let you focus directly on your video content viewers and understand how to optimise their quality of experience, how your content is being consumed, and how you can monetise your content – all from the comScore Digital Analytix (DAx) platform.

He will present 3 key areas of focus for optimising your video content for increased revenue: video consumption, quality of service (QoS), and ad consumption. You can also learn how DAx Video Analytics delivers insights to help you:

  • Ensure and maintain a high quality viewing experience through QoS best practices
  • Identify high-value users and content, and how to leverage it to increase revenue
  • Understand how viewers engage with advertising

Stephen Kerwick, Vice President, Enterprise Sales, Asia Pacific, comScore