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Keynote: Too Sexy To Fail: Why Most Marketing Automation Implementations Fail (and how to prevent yours from failing)

Marketing Automation’ is a sexy phrase in marketing. Apparently, any marketer who is anyone is doing it. Unsurprisingly this means there a LOT of marketers who are messing it up. Regardless of which marketing automation platform is deployed, the dirty secret at companies big and small is that most implementations rarely extend beyond basic email blasts/eDMs. Companies that can demonstrate a significant return on investment from their marketing automation implementation are the exception rather than the rule. A lack of strategy, insufficient planning, and too much focus on the technology are among several contributing factors.

This dynamic session will walk through some of the most common mistakes that companies make when trying to implement a sophisticated but complex marketing automation solution. It will highlight some of the lessons learned by long-time marketing automation user and global education provider, Navitas, it will also ensure you walk away with a concrete list of takeaways to help you avoid so many of the pitfalls that many companies make.

Rob Brown, Head of Digital, Navitas