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How to retain Personalised Customer Engagement, in the face of increasing marketing automation

As marketing technology becomes increasingly automated and customers are migrated online, how do we retain a personal relationship with them?

This is where Personalised Video marketing technology can play a crucial role as part of your CX strategy. It is a convergence of the 3 of most valuable tools in customer experience today – data, personalisation and video content. By leveraging the power of real-time data, it allows organisations to create highly personalised customer interactions at every step of the customer lifecycle,

In this session, Rodd Martin CEO of Smart Video Australia, will showcase recent case studies and campaign results from retail, automotive, insurance, superannuation and other industry sectors. He will demonstrate how to use personalised video communication to increase NPS, Sales and other key metrics, whilst reducing customer churn, and customer communication and acquisition costs.

Come and find out how Australia’s leading customer-centric organisations are incorporating this interactive CX platform in into their Customer Acquisition, Retention, and On-Boarding programs. Learn how global financial services and insurance companies are adopting Video Billing/Statements, and Insurance Policy and Claims Management functionality to transform their customer’s journeys through this data-driven real-time technology.

Rodd Martin, Founder & CEO, Smart Video Australia