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Tapping into Crowd Culture: Achieving true relevance with easy real-time marketing

Marketers spend their days vying for attention, trying to make their brand stand out and have an impact. But what if blending in, fitting in and being part of a moment is what brands need to do to not only get the attention of consumers, but to hold it?

Real-time marketing takes two things to be possible and successful. First you need a wealth of data and an understanding of consumer mindsets and how they change. Secondly, you need tech to activate against that data and put your brand amongst the topics impacting mindsets.

In this session, Amobee will explore how marketers can truly understand what their customers think, know when their mindset changes and place your brand in that moments that everyone talks about. We will show you how easy it is to know what you don’t know and how that knowledge will change the way you plan, strategize and buy.

Henrik Isaksson, Director NSW & QLD, Amobee