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Customer Insight & Analytics

With the abundance of customer data from multiple customer touchpoints now available, in theory, the ability to uncover actionable customer insights is well within the grasp of CX professionals. In practice, gaining a true understanding of your customers’ needs that leads to measurable activity plans, is a different matter.

The session will be facilitated around the following key conversation points;

  • How analytics and core customer data can be transformed into actionable insights.
  • Different tactics for gathering and analysing data across your customer touchpoints – and how effective they are for different channels.
  • How are we dealing with survey fatigue?
  • How we measure the what and the why – how do we go deeper in understanding the emotional drivers for our customers’ rational actions?
  • How we can use customer data to demonstrate the effectiveness of CX activity.
  • How data and insights can be used to inform and educate our colleagues and drive actionable internal change.