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The KFC Brand Journey and new Brand Purpose an inside out approach

Every brand strives to build the perfect brand promise, with a product that is reliant on people to deliver the experience the brand promise was built by its people. The challenge is for KFC to deliver an Always Original Experience by letting the team be creative in bring our service values to life.

In achieving this, a reevaluation of the customer and priority channels has occurred. Including wholesale changes to the customer measurement system, how to inspire a young & transient workforce to deliver the experience, testing and learning the right digital model for KFC.

In the presentation this journey will be explored in more detail adding to this some key learnings as a head of customer experience in the operations department and making a big impact in this role, making sure the team is ready to deal with anything especially with our friend social media and customers perceptions versus reality and lastly I will include my top thoughts on delivering a great customer experience in fast moving retail.

Paul Meischke, Head of Customer Experience, KFC