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Achieving a Customer Centric Culture in your Organisation

With Customer Centricity being the new reason de tat and differentiator for many companies, the key question on many CCO’s and C suite stakeholders’ minds are, how to ensure that their organisation lives, breathes, thinks and acts in the best interest of the customer?  It is one thing to be declaring publicly a company’s desire to be more customer centric, but many companies struggle to really deliver on this promise beyond just having meaningful statements hung up on the executive office walls.

The session will be facilitated around the following key conversation points;

  • Can customer centric cultures be engineered, or is it something inherent in the way a company’s culture has been evolving and adapting for many years?
  • Can customer centricity be achieved through popular groundswell from employees or must it be a top-down approach to instil the right direction for the company in order for it to work?
  • With the advent of more automation and robotics, what would this mean for companies to be customer centric?
  • As the workforce changes to become more transient, more part-time and more made up of contractors instead of full-time, how does a culture of being customer centric become engrained in the way companies deliver great service?
  • Is customer centricity here to stay, or is it a corporate fad that will soon come to pass, as was Lean, Decentralisation and Innovation?
  • How do we develop a healthy ecosystem that encompasses corporates, employees, government, partners (e.g. suppliers, vendors) and academia to collectively create a healthy customer centric culture?
  • How should we measure whether a company is successful in developing a great customer centric culture?  NPS? Employee surveys?