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Achieving Omni-Channel Experience

The goal of omnichannel sounds simple — sustains customer engagement across channels according to customer expectations. But omnichannel is among the most complex challenges businesses face today because it typically encompasses a multitude of customer-facing systems and functions that are often managed by different departments and groups spread across the organization. Firms that are serious about omnichannel are beginning to rethink how they view this strategy how it is resourced, and what being ‘omnichannel’ really means.

The session will be facilitated around the following key conversation points;

  1. How is omnichannel viewed in your organization – is it primarily a technology play, a sales strategy, a marketing vehicle, something else?  How has the perception within your organization of omnichannel impacted its success?
  2. What are the key components of your omnichannel strategy? How aligned is that strategy to the corporate business and customer experience strategy?
  3. What are the key issues your omnichannel initiative is facing? Why are they issues, and how are you proposing to address them?
  4. Who are the major business partners in your omnichannel initiative, What roles do they play, how much responsibility do they have in its success?
  5. How much has customer insight influenced your omnichannel strategy? What is the role of customer insight in ongoing omnichannel decisions and initiatives?
  6. How much is your omnichannel strategy influenced by the competition – does anyone still say, ‘If [brand name] is doing it we should too!’