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Adapting to the Contact Centre of the Future

The contact centre of the future may be barely recognizable to the contact centre of a few years ago.  What we see emerging is a hotbed of technologies, channels, and operating models, as the rise of self-service and social media have changed the role of the contact centre into a hub for customer engagement. 

The session will be facilitated around the following key conversation points;

  • Examining emerging technology trends for contact centres
  • Are customer relationships and personalisation now the only competitive differentiator making it vital for organisations to engender customer loyalty?
  • Successfully developing and implementing customer engagement initiatives. What are some of the biggest challenges that each of you are facing?
  • Employee Skill Matching: a critical link in delivering superior customer service and managing the costs of tomorrow’s call centres.
  • Big Data Analytics: Creating seamless experiences and making sense of the vast amounts of data and customer journey insights collected across your multiple channels. Successfully driving this to your call centres in order to give your agents a complete view of your customer’s journey and deliver the right information at the right time.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Transforming customer engagement and in turn increase customer loyalty, mitigate risk and drive down churn rates and operational costs.
  • Changing consumer environment: Forcing businesses to transition towards more open and cooperative approaches where they have to engage, listen to and collaborate with their customers in order to stay relevant.
  • The Contact Centre of the Future – what will it be?
  • Using video as a channel to optimise the customer experience. Could video take off as a sales and service channel in the contact centre?
  • How do we address the challenge of increasing volumes and complexity of knowledge, to ensure our contact centre agents are well-equipped to satisfy customers?
  • Examining Offshoring of contact centres and outsourced partners in other countries.
  • How are organisations addressing this shift from a training and people perspective?
  • What are the key metrics for tomorrow’s contact centre going to look like? Will the AHT KPI disappear completely?
  • Who is leveraging remote agents (or home agents) as a strategy for their contact centre?
  • Realistic expectations for today’s contact centre workforce?  Do we need to reconsider the way our agents are rewarded financially given all this extra responsibility and skill?